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Want to generate more quality leads for your website? CartStack can help you attract leads and gather information from customers and encourage them to stay in contact. Plus, you can employ a wide range of campaigns and convert more leads and prospects into buying customers. Grow your business now with Cartstack!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes CartStack different?

CartStack, one of the best lead generation software, records real-time behavioral data from your visitors to personalize your campaigns. CartStack has two ways to boost your sales. On site-campaigns capture leads and keep shoppers on your website. On the other hand, recovery campaigns bring abandoning shoppers back to complete their purchase. With CartStack, you can get more happy customers and recover 15% or more of your lost sales. Its features like automated email campaigns, A/B split testing, and real-time data capture can help eCommerce businesses, hotels, and marketing agencies grow. Start recovering your lost sales by trying this top lead generation software with its 14-day free trial!

What kind of result can I expect if I use CartStack?

As a sales lead generation software, you can expect to recover over 15% of your sales. For example, if you spend $100, you can recover around $1,500 to $2,000 in what would have been your lost revenue. If you don’t see a 10x return during your trial period, CartStack will give you an extra month free subscription.

How is my pricing plan determined?

The best indicator of how CartStack will need to recover your lost sales is through the “orders per month.” If you have a higher monthly volume, there will be more visitors to track, store data on, and send reminders to help you recover the highest sales possible.

Why is CartStack’s pricing based on my average orders per month?

That’s because it’s proven that “orders per month” have the strongest correlation between a successful recovery program. It indicates both the quality and quantity of online traffic, the cart, and its abandonment rate. Simply put: more orders per month means more potential for recovery of revenue.

What happens after my 14-day free trial?

After you completed your 14 days of the free trial, your campaigns would be temporarily closed until you subscribe to a plan. You have the option of subscribing in advance to avoid disruption of service if you are already nearing the end of your trial.

Am I automatically upgraded if I reach my plan’s limit?

Automated lead generation software like CartStack does not charge overages or automatically upgrade if you exceed your plan’s limit. They will check your account and send you an email regarding upgrading if your volume continues to rise over the months.

How long does the setup take?

Setting up CartStack and adding their codes to your site usually only takes a few minutes. For the free custom email design, this is done in two business days. If you have any further questions or issues, they offer phone and email support.

Does it integrate with any eCommerce platform?

As a top lead generation software, CartStack is compatible with every shopping cart in existence. So, it can be integrated with any eCommerce platform. Since the tracking code is a simple JavaScript embed, it will allow you to implement custom shopping cart solutions.

How many email reminders should I send?

If you want to be more conservative, you can send one email reminder. If you are comfortable being a bit aggressive, you can send three email reminders. CartStack recommends at least two reminder emails, but you can send up to three reminder emails per abandonment.

How do I find my unique site ID?

The CartStack code on your site must include your unique site ID so that your website can transfer information to CartStack. To find your unique site ID, visit the code page of your CartStack account. View the tracking code, then copy the letters and numbers after the word “datesite-id”.

Why are there $0 cart totals on my dashboard?

When you navigate to your dashboard, you may notice emails in the Send Queue or Archive with a $0 amount. CartStack gets the cart total from your checkout pages. An element of your page may have changed, or another page error may be causing the value to come through as $0.

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