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Best Landing Page Builders

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Frequently Asked Questions on Landing Page Builders

What are the best practices for landing page layout and sizing? 

When creating a landing page layout, you want to ensure that no elements overlap when your user views it. No matter what device your visitor is using, make sure that they can still read your message clearly and not be confused with your interface.

Generally, there is no recommended page length because it’s easy to scroll up and down. Usually, page width is what matters because most people find side scrolls a nuisance. Around 940 to 960 pixels would be best since this works for the majority of screen sizes.

What is a white label landing page builder? 

With a white label landing page arrangement, the landing page builder platform’s branding is completely removed from your page. You won’t find any of the platform’s branding on footers or anything your clients will see. You can add your custom logo on your landing page to increase your brand recognition. 

Are there open-source landing page builders? 

Yes. There are some open-source landing page builders available online. If you have more knowledge about coding and tweaking the landing page software, you can use these open-source landing page builders. This will open a whole host of innovative landing page tools, especially for developers.

Usually, the platform will indicate if they have an open-source license. You can then find the link to the software to analyze and create tools to your liking.

What are the best landing page optimization practices?

Landing pages reflect your site’s branding, messaging, and offer. Most of these have clean, clutter-free layouts. This allows your visitors to focus on your goal. Make sure that you do not use more than one CTA, no matter how tempting it is. Also, make sure to have a clear message that isn’t confusing to users.

Choose valuable offers that will entice your visitors. Consider your offers’ cost, but make sure that it is attractive enough to persuade more users. Lastly, keep the design clean. Do not use too many elements or low-quality images. Keep it simple to make it effective.

What are forms for?

A form on a landing page is an opportunity for visitors to connect with your site. This is what marketers often refer to as a conversion event. The event could be anywhere from subscribing to a newsletter to filling out transactional information for a purchase. Here, you ask your visitors for information and give them something valuable in return.

What is the difference between a landing page and a splash page?

A landing page is a standalone page with a goal to create conversions. On the other hand, a splash page is a pop-up screen that shows up when you first enter a site. A splash page is usually an introduction to your website. A landing page will only appear when your user wants to do a specific action. 

What are the most common types of landing pages? 

You can create a landing page for just about any purpose. Some of the most common include lead capture pages, thank you pages, and product pages. Lead capture pages are used to gather names, email addresses, and other information about site visitors. After a visitor gives you information, they can be led to a dedicated thank you page.

What is the difference between a landing page and a product page?

These two can be the same thing. Usually, product pages include a product catalog with all items your site has to offer. However, with a landing page, you can create a standalone page dedicated to promoting a single product. You can focus on that product’s scarcity, newness, and other unique qualities.

For a product landing page, you can focus on visually dazzling offers. Pre-selling or getting pre-orders for a product through a landing page is also possible, even before the actual product page is published. 

What is SEO, and how can I use it on my landing page? 

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the technique for optimizing your webpage, so it appears higher on search engine rankings. SEO landing pages are those optimized for search engine algorithms. These types of landing pages help drive traffic to your site and make your page more discoverable.

To create landing pages optimized for search engines, you first need to publish to a custom URL. Next, you need to determine your keywords and research which ones are more searched by users. Strategically include these keywords on your page to rank higher on search engines and be clicked on by more users. 

How can I use A/B Testing to improve landing page performance? 

A/B Testing lets you test two different landing pages and is run to segments of the same audience. It enables you to compare the landing page “A” to landing page “B.” Some platforms have automated A/B Testing, which lets users change variables on landing pages and see how it affects conversions.

If you want to improve your conversion or increase the number of people doing your desired action, make sure to choose the better performing landing page version. You can continue to tweak and make changes to your page until you achieve the optimum conversion rate. 

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