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Best Label Maker Apps

Last updated on November, 10

Labels are a pain, but they’re also necessary. With label maker apps, it's easy for you to create labels on your phone or tablet. You can customize the size, font, color, and more with just a few taps of your finger! So what are you waiting for? Download a label maker app today!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Label Maker Apps

What are label maker apps?

A label maker app is a software program that allows you to design, create, and use your labels without needing a physical label maker. It allows you to make personalized labels and logos that you can use for a wide range of things. Label maker apps are also great for product branding and marketing.

Why do you need label maker apps?

Although labels are for numerous projects, such as organizing files and household items, labeling is crucial for branding products and services. Even without any designing experience, label maker apps help you quickly and easily create, design, and print professional-looking labels all from one application.

What are the important features of label maker apps?

Pre-designed Label Templates

Pre-designed label templates are the pre-formatted layouts used for the end product and include one or more labels printed on each sheet. The options available depend on which label maker app you are using. Still, it usually has common features such as printing labels with text boxes for different characters and logos to use.


An easy-to-use label maker app has all the tools you need to make a label without getting your designing materials from other sources. A label maker should have various templates, plenty of fonts and symbols, and vast graphic choices to choose from. An intuitive interface in a label maker app is important so that even users without designing experience can use the app hassle-free.

Automatic Label Size Adjustment

Automatic label size adjustment is a function in many label-making apps that automatically adjusts the size of a custom text or image to fit the dimensions of your chosen label. Essentially, it will increase or decrease the size if empty spaces around a character fit text within specified margins.

Share the designs through email, text message, and social media.

You can use your label maker to create digital designs without using a printer; you can send the design via email, text message, or social media. To share a design, just copy the design link, then connect to Drive or Dropbox and send it as an attachment to your correspondents.

What kind of labels can label maker apps make?

Price Tags

The price tag label in the label maker app typically includes the price of an item and a UPC/EAN code. Price tags can also include other information like barcodes, tracking numbers, and place of production. This is primarily used in retail settings to provide consumers with information about the price and other pertinent details associated with a given product.

Shipping Labels

You can customize and print your shipping labels when using a label maker app. Label app makers make it easier and more convenient for you to print labels with QR codes to track the delivery statuses online.

Event Tickets

Event tickets are more than just an entry pass; they’re a way to impress and excite your guests for the upcoming event. When organizing an event, having tickets the showcase the event properly plays an important role. With label maker apps, you can quickly and easily design a wide range of tickets, even interactive ones as well.

Product Labels

Using a label maker app to label your products is the best way to identify and promote your product. As one of the first things people see when purchasing an item, product or brand labels are made to grab and enhance customers’. Furthermore, it creates a professional look to the product and provides essential information about the product.

Are label maker apps compatible with different OS?

A label maker app can be compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and more. The software should be able to print on either printer brand on whatever OS you are using. Some label maker apps allow you to transfer your files. However, transferring from one device to another without using external programs is sometimes difficult.

How many designs can label maker apps generate?

It depends on the particular service. The design capabilities of that application determine the ability of a label-making app to generate custom designs. Some label app makers offer unlimited label creation, while some set a limit depending on the plan you purchase.

What is the best label maker app?

The best label maker app depends on the type of label you would like to make. One of the things you need to consider is if the app’s features match the outcome you are aiming for. The best label maker should be user-friendly, easy to use, and offer a wide range of designing tools to give you more creative freedom.

Do you need an internet connection when using a label maker app?

It depends. An Internet connection isn’t really needed when using a label maker app. But there are some web-based label maker apps require an internet connection to access your updated designs from numerous devices.

Can you insert a watermark in the labels you made in the label maker app?

Yes, it's relatively easy to insert a watermark in the labels you made in the label maker app. Simply go back to your label maker and tap on "Watermark'' to add this tool to the screen. You can adjust the position and transparency of desired text or graphic as you would with any other design watermarking tool.

How to install a label maker app?

Installing label maker apps on your phone or computer allows you to create labels using your saved files. To install a label maker app:

Step 1:

Open the app store.

Step 2:

Enter "label maker" in the search bar to find a list of label maker apps.

Step 3:

Click on a label maker app that interests you and read on the features.

Step 4:

If the features suit your label-making needs, click the ‘Install’ button.

How to insert graphics when using label maker apps?

Label maker apps have easy inserting functions that let you insert your graphics and images to create a customized and personalized label. To insert a graphic in label maker apps:

Step 1:

Open the label maker app and click on edit.

Step 2:

Draw a border around the area where you want your graphic to be.

Step 3:

Click on insert, scroll through the images until you find what you are looking for, and click on it.

Step 4:

Drag the image into the border that you drew in step one.

Step 5:

Add text or icons to your design.

Step 6:

Save your work by clicking on the "Save" button in the top right corner.

How to create logos in label maker apps?

A logo is a trademark for your company or product. It is typically designed so people can easily recognize and identify your brand. Label maker apps let you create your logos with numerous designing and editing tools. To create logos in label maker apps:

Step 1:

Put in the name of the company or person you're designing for.

Step 2:

Choose the layout of your logo.

Step 3:

Pick out the color scheme that matches your logo/brand.

Step 4:

Insert text elements to fill in the important information of your logo, like the name and description.

Step 5:

Insert graphics and images that you want to include in your design.

Step 6:

Click ‘Save’ to save your work.

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