Best Karaoke Software in June 2022

Karaoke software allows you to use hardware that you already have to sing along to songs that you like. It has an easy-to-use layout that allows you to start singing along with the song listing quickly. The microphone and webcam input and lyrics window let you sing with ease, all the while with the audio quality staying crisp and clear.

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775 reviews


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iOS Mobile App,Android Mobile App,Windows Desktop Software,Mac Desktop Software,Android TV


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Sunfly Karaoke

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1 review


per month

Windows Desktop Software


Karaoke Builder logo

Karaoke Builder

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2 reviews


One-time payment

Windows Desktop Software



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vanBasco Software

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9 reviews


Windows Desktop Software



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4 reviews


per month

Windows Desktop Software



Karaoke 5 logo

Karaoke 5

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6 reviews


per license

Windows Desktop Software,Mac Desktop Software



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44 reviews


One-time payment

Windows Desktop Software


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13 reviews


Windows Desktop Software


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0 reviews


Windows Desktop Software


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Micro Technology Unlimited

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37 reviews


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Windows Desktop Software


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Karaoke Software?

Karaoke software is a computer program that allows people to sing along to recorded music and display the performance to their monitor or share their performances online with others. It typically includes an audio player, lyrics display and microphone/speaker inputs.

Who needs Karaoke Software?

Karaoke is a form of entertainment that people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy. It is a great way to express yourself, have fun and bond with friends and family. Karaoke software is the perfect solution for people who want to show off their skills but don’t have the time or resources for a big party.

What are the core features of Karaoke Software?

Music, Lyrics, Effects

Karaoke software has features that make karaoke engaging for the audience, such as background music, lyrics and effects that can be used during the performance. These features make it easier for users to perform their favorite songs or even those they are not familiar with.

Auto-play Function

Sing without manually starting and stopping the song after each line or phrase. The software supports multiple songs, which are available as files that are compatible with the karaoke software; this enables them to be imported and played on the software without any disruption.

Create Playlists

Organize and edit the lyrics of their favorite songs before importing them into their playlist. This makes Karaoke software an excellent tool for people who want to listen to karaoke without having the hassle of writing down all the words and singing by themselves.

Virtual Webcam and Microphone Setup

These programs have an interface that enables support for a virtual webcam and microphone setup. The virtual webcam picks up the user's face and voice while the microphone picks up their voice. This is integrated into the dashboard of the software to present the input from the webcam and microphone.

Support for Multiple Users

People can sing along to a group song. This feature also allows users to automatically match their voice with the song's tempo and beat.

What are the steps of using Karaoke Software?

Step 1: 

Download and install the karaoke software. Karaoke software has support for apps on multiple platforms so that you can sing along no matter where you are. You can also download them onto your device for offline use.

Step 2: 

Turn on the karaoke software and connect the microphone with the computer. The software supports the use of a USB microphone. However, this method requires a lot of cables which can be quite cumbersome.

Step 3: 

Select your song from your library or from online services. This method is more efficient if you know what you want and don't want to spend a lot of time looking for it. You can search by lyrics using the text input in the search bar at the top of the window.

Step 4: 

Sing your heart out! You can adjust the settings when you want to change the background when displaying the lyrics or the audio settings.

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