Best Joomla Hosting in November 2022

Joomla hosting is an amateur-friendly way to start a website. It provides all the tools users need to create and publish content on the web. If you want to start selling your content or services online, and you aren’t an expert coder, this is one possible work-around.

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SSD Storage

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The best Joomla Hosting is WebHostFace. WebHostFace has been ranking number 1 for the last 115 days.

Joomla hosting is a free system for online content creation run by the non-profit Open Source Matters, inc. It comes with a generic architecture for users to build off of. Joomla’s meant to be a starter-pack, and third party products may be added if you need more advanced capabilities for your site than what is provided for.

Websites require a degree of maintenance and upkeep that you might not be prepared for if you’re not a professional web developer. Joomla hosting allows you to create a website or blog from your home computer, whether for fun or your side hustle.

Unlimited SSD Storage

Users have unlimited access to terabytes carried by the host server. You can keep all of your videos, images, music and other important files safe without worrying about exceeding the limit. 


Free Joomla Script

Free joomla script is a joomla extension that allows users to display their written content in PDF or text format. It is coded and optimized for SEO and user-experience performance. It is an open source and free-to-download software which helps web developers deploy their website or intranet. It is also possible to use it to develop a full-featured composite application.



Firewalls are a system of controls that protect personal computers from being attacked by hackers or other internet intruders. It blocks programs attempting to get in, or blocks and filters communications entering the computer. It filters unauthorized transmissions, then regulates or allows them entry depending on the settings.

Managed Joomla Hosting

Managed Joomla hosting is a service where the host takes care of installation, updates and security for you. Managed Joomla Hosting providers also include a number of related services, like software upgrades and crash analysis. It is a service that includes website hosting, software updates and backups. 


Unmanaged Joomla Hosting

Unmanaged Joomla Hosting is the most common hosting option for Joomla. It allows clients to complete control over their domain names and web hosting, including managing software updates and add-ons. With Unmanaged hosting, they can purchase their own domain name from a company that buys or rents servers from data centers.


Dedicated Joomla Hosting

Dedicated joomla hosting is hosting that includes access to all necessary software. Many other hosts only provide space on their server and not the software itself. A dedicated Joomla host also often comes with extra services, such as literature on ensuring the cybersecurity for your website and information about what plugins you need for customization.