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Best Job Placement Sites

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Are you looking for a new job? Job placement sites are the best place to find your next career. They have thousands of jobs in all different industries and locations, so there’s something for everyone plus it's free to use, so why not give it a try today? Sign up for a free trial!

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Job Placement Sites

What is a curriculum vitae?

A curriculum vitae (CV) is a detailed and comprehensive illustration of your academic credentials and previous work experiences if you have any. It should also have the training and seminars that you’ve attended before. It is crucial for applying for a job because recruiters will use that as a basis for your application. It also has your most updated contact information and your smart-looking picture. Another thing that should be visible in it is a list of people that can be used for a character reference.

What is a job posting?

It is an official advertisement regarding a job vacancy offer or a vacancy that needs to be filled in your company. It could be either an external job posting wherein the recruitment and hiring process will be taken and completed within your company, or you will get new people outside your company. 

What is resume parsing? How is it helpful for both applicants and recruiters?

The best job placement sites have resume parsing features to make things easy and convenient for both recruiters and applicants. When you sign up, you’ll be required to put your most updated resume. Afterward, you would need to complete your profile, like adding your decent, professional, and smart-looking picture. As you complete your profile, you need to fill in all personal details required, but that’s no longer your task because the job portal can automatically fill in everything for you based on the information stated on your curriculum vitae. You just need to add more details if necessary. Having this feature ensures the consistency of more details stated in the curriculum vitae, and everything filled up in the job sites’ form. 

I am a business owner, should I put a career portal on my company’s website, or should I just choose a particular job site to use?

Yes, if your company has a website, then maximize its use by putting a career section in it. It could be way better than using a third-party job board because it will promote brand awareness. You can make sure that all details to be seen by candidates are complete and accurate. It is a double advantage because you can invite your current customer to apply in your company, or some job candidates could be your customers because they will also see the products and services that you offer. 

Do I have to pay before I can start looking for a job through those sites?

No, applying using job placement sites are free. As a job seeker, you just need to complete the accounts verification process and complete your profile. Then afterward, you can immediately start your job hunting.  

I am a fresh graduate; how can those sites help me in finding a job without spending so many funds?

Aside from insufficient experience, job hunting can be very challenging for a fresh graduate like you, because you may not have enough funds to spend yet to move from different places. You can register for a lot of free job placements sites from the internet. However, if you choose to apply through those sites, you no longer need to travel from one state to another, and just search for the best job placement sites in Herndon and Minneapolis, for example. 

Is there a limit on how many jobs I can apply for?

It depends upon the terms and conditions of the particular site that you’re using. For example, some sites will only allow you to submit ten applications per day while some do have a monthly limit instead. Make sure to read the instructions as well before submitting the forms. 

Should I apply on a company website’s career section or through a generalist job placement site?

Either type of job board can work for you; however, some employers prioritize those who send their applications on their career section. If you sign up through their company website, you can also opt-in to receive job alerts from them, the same way if you use a generalist site.

How long will my job advertisement stay on the job placement site?

There’s no time limit on how long your job posting will be on the job placement site. However, you have to keep in mind that there’s always a lot of new postings now and then, that’s why yours will not stay on top unless it is featured or highlighted. 

Are there any restrictions on job placement sites?

There may be more than 100 job placement sites that you can see online, and most of them do not have any restrictions. However, employers are not allowed to put a specific email address or a contact number, where a candidate can submit their application. Some guidelines and requirements need to be followed by both the recruiter and the jobseeker. For example, some will require job seekers to take a picture of their identification cards, and a photo of them holding their IDs. Some websites will always give a reminder to take time in submitting applications to avoid candidates from just sending to any posts. On the part of the employers, their company name should be completely visible in each job posting. The qualifications for the position should also be listed on their post, including the benefits, salary expectations, and other disclaimers. 

I am an employer, do I need to pay for registering my company for a job placement site?

Yes, there’s a corresponding charge for using a job placement site for employers or recruiters. However, it may not be too expensive, and the amount depends on the policy of the site itself. Some charge per post, while some charge every month. Before choosing which one you are going to use, make sure to do some research first like, for example, look for low-cost job placement sites for attorneys in California. 

I am confused, should I use a generalist or specialist job placement site?

Either way is beneficial for you; however, you must consider the qualifications needed for the job to be filled. If the job posting requires specific expertise, like in healthcare, you can use a specialist job placement site. On the other hand, if you wish to reach more candidates with different skills and educational backgrounds, then a generalist site is the key. Choosing which of the two is very crucial, especially when you need someone who’s physically 100% residing in the USA; therefore, you may need a specialist job placement site in the USA. 

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