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Mylio ranks 11 with 134 reviews. The user reviews mention: 'ユーザーから高い評価を得ている, マルチデバイスで動作, 素晴らしいフォトエディター' as the most positive attributes of Mylio. On the other hand, they point out 'アンドロイドで動作しない, アプリストアの掲載に関する問題, ログインの問題' as not living up to their expectations.








This app is absolutely amazing. I can't believe how efficient and fast it is. I have tried and used a few others and was always left a little disappointed. I'm a professional photographer and I use iPads containing my portfolio work to travel with to meet clients. This app does exactly what it says and sets a bar of excellence for all the others to reach. Quite honestly the others may never reach that bar. Mylio goes above and beyond. The others better take note. Thank you for such a great app.

This is a very sophisticated piece of software that allows you to store,backup and share photos between different devices without getting the cloud involved. One thing people dont realize is that once you upload your photos to the cloud you not only loose the quality during the compression and upload process but your originals in a sense could be lost anytime. Its got great image recongnition and photo organization. I would highly recommend it

It does everything they say it does, while leaving your photos on your drives exactly where you had them. This means that I do not have the problems I kept having with aperture and photos, where they would get scrambled and then, because things were inside the package (or whatever it is called), I couldn’t see what happened or sort it out. That is what led me to search for something else. This is the one I’ve stuck with. The sync is seamless - and if you leave your computer on, it will sync over the internet (just not through a cloud version of the photos). My only wish is that it would sync to drop box or iCloud or the Microsoft equivalent - google photos and their other option are not for me.

I think Mylio is the answer for photographers who are looking for a way to manage a lot of photos across a number of devices. With the demise of Picasa and IPhoto, and the horrible replacements from both Google and Apple, I needed a program that let me control my files in my named directories in a structure that makes sense to me. Mylio imported nearly 40,000 photos in less than an hour, without destroying my files and directories. I was then automatically able to sync all of them to two iPads in less than an hour across WiFi without the use of any cloud, giving my wife access to nearly twenty years of our photos. So easy to use! The speed is impressive and the overall presentation and searching options are close to what I liked in Picasa. I think it still needs a simple directory tree as an option but what they have is good enough for me

I’d been searching for years for an image & video organization system that worked for me and had just about given up when i stumbled upon Mylio a few months ago. Since then i’ve loaded 54,000 photos & movies and have had some time to put the app to a test. I love it. Very intuitive, and the developer seems to have thought of just about every need or issue that could arise (and that make other photo organizing apps so frustrating). I’m storing original files on an external drive (with IDrive cloud backup) and synchronizing access via Mylio across 4 Mac laptops and 2 iphones. It would be impossible to organize and easily access so many images and videos without a sophisticated and efficient system, and Mylio is it! It would be great to have some improvements to the video side of things in the future - face recognition and other features available now for photos - but all in all a great product already!!

Love the concept and execution of Mylio. It brings all my pictures together into one cohesive structure and makes it easy for my wife to find pictures as well! I would love to see an AppleTV app as well so I can further extend the reach of my photos to my living room TV without the need to airplay from my phone. Better yet, use the local storage in the AppleTV as another location!

IT was fuctioning well before the update, now it just shows the sync devices and either doesn't do anything or does almost nothing. I managed to sync 8 photos out of almost 2,000 in the last past 3 days been connecting and disconnecting I even uninstalled in windows and reinstalled and in Android. If it's working for you don't ever update.

I can see no reason to have to register an app that is simply a photo viewer. Especially when there are free apps such as Phiewer that do an admirable job. No, thanks.

David Geller

With Apple discontinuing Aperture, and my library swelling to over 75,000 photos, I was desperate for a new solution. Mylio arrived, literally, just in time. With the help of Jordan's book I was able to learn the product and put it to use almost immediately. So far, I'm super impressed with both the product and the book. I have Mylio running on three iOS devices and my Macbook Air. While Mylio has been artfully crafted (and remains awesome), it still suffers from a v1.0 product. Some of its features have been a little hard to understand (I suppose Aperture was difficult in the beginning too). That's where Jordan's excellent book has been so helpful. He has presented a clear and easy-to-follow overview and guide for the entire product, and it has allowed me to start using some of the more important features of Mylio. I was recently at someone's house where we discovered that we shared the same taste in coffee tables. I was anxious to show our hosts that we had the same table and began searching my entire photo library (more than 75,000 photos) on my iPhone. Before Mylio this would have been impossible. And, with what I learned by reading Jordan's book, I was able to quickly scroll through the entire library and find a photo I knew I had taken almost a decade earlier. Now I'm learning to tag people and places and that's making the product even more useful. I look forward to Mylio growing in popularity and for future guides from Jordan.

Brittany L

This really is the manual for Mylio. I love Mylio and it has become my go to program for my image library. However, what is missing is this book. Jordan Ayan has written the best guidebook to help users of Mylio. I wish I had been able to read this book before I started my Mylio library. This book gives all the insides and tips to using Mylio to its abilities. I have learned so much on how to use the program so much more since reading the book.I started using Lightroom and Mylio as a replacement to Apple's Aperture. I loved Aperture, but when Apple announced they would not continue with it as a pro program, I began to look at other options. I migrated to Lightroom, but was looking for a better way to do image management. I stumbled upon Mylio and instantly fell in love with the ability to see my images on any device. I have it on my iPhone, iPad Mini, MacBook Air and Mac Pro. When I add to my library, I have access to the image on all four devices. Ayan's book has enabled me to integrate so many features of the program that I didn't even know existed.In my use of Mylio, I really wish I had this book at the beginning. I love Mylio and strongly recommend that users get this book to help them navigate more efficiently this great new program for image management.