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Best iOS Backup Software

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Store your iOS files in the right place. Using iOS Backup Software allows you to secure your data and retrieve it anytime, anywhere. With iOS backup features, you'll have a worry-free digital life. Get one of the software today!

Frequently Asked Questions on iOS Backup Software

What is the difference between a backup and a recovery?

Backup and recovery are two processes that refer to retrieving data, files, and information in case of a loss with setting up systems. These two are often interchanged so before you proceed to read the rest, let’s unlock what those two words mean.Backup Vs. RecoveryBackup requires copying and archiving computer data so it becomes accessible in case of data deletion or corruption. Data, files, and information from an earlier time may only be recovered if it has been backed up from the original location such as CDs, DVDs, external drive, or somewhere on the internet. On the other hand, a system restore is a process that happens automatically, or manually scheduled on your computer’s operating system. At certain points in time, your computer will create restoration points where it remembers some of the information, files, and data you are working on. This process happens when your computer or device encounters a problem. For example, if an application suddenly freezes and you did not have the time to save the document you are working on. The restoration activity will allow you to go back to a previous point. Both a backup and a restore will allow you to access lost data and can both be automated by using an iOS Backup Software either included in your program or downloaded from the Apps Store. A backup will allow you to protect data you have gathered over time and restore will allow you to bring back all the gathered data. 

How do I know if my iOS device is compatible?

You can read through the features listed by a specific backup software provider. Recent software can support the devices listed below.-iPhone Backup Software supports iPhone 4s and later.-iPad Backup Software supports all iPad generations.-iPod Backup Software supports iPod Touch, iPod mini, iPod Classic, iPod Nano, and iPod shuffle.

What is the best iOS backup program for me?

Before going to the different types of an iOS Backup program, you have to assess first the following:-How much data, files, and information you have. The storage space you need largely depends on this. You should also exclude junk files and prioritize crucial files.-The capabilities of your network.You wouldn't want to get a program that cannot be supported by your network. -What do you expect from the iOS Backup Software?You can go through the listed features offered by top backup software providers. Tick off what matters most to you. The best one for you should get you the services you need.

What happens if my backup software did not work?

There will be times when you already have exhausted all your options and the only last resort is the BIOS backup software to fix your computer. BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System. Every PC motherboard comes with BIOS. This is the software responsible for troubleshooting your computer. 

How often should I backup my files?

Backup copies are made on a regular basis for the best results. This is to minimize the amount of data lost between backups. Remember, the longer the time passes between backup, the greater risk for data loss when recovering from a backup. 

What files are worth saving?

Not every data is crucial to be saved. So here are some types of files whose safety you should prioritize:-Personal information such as registration copies, certifications, IDs-Financial records like bills, loans, payments, portfolio-Professional files like project plans and details, proposal drafts-Contact information-Important messages

How do I fix my iPhone when it suddenly froze during the update?

This is a common problem for iPhone users. There is actually little we can do with our device itself. You may restart your iPhone, hard reset your iPhone, restore iPhone with iTunes, or use a third-party software of your choice. 

What is the difference between the free and paid version?

The primary difference between the free and paid version is the number of features you can use. In the free version, you may only use the basic features while in the paid version, you can unlock all features of the software. 

How to backup using iCloud?

-Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network.-Go to Settings.-Choose your account name.-Choose iCloud.-Choose iCloud Backup.-Choose Back Up Now. Remember: Make sure the Wi-Fi network is stable until the process completes.You can check the progress and confirm the backup completed by:-Going to Settings.-Choose your account name.-Choose iCloud.-Choose iCloud Backup. In the Back Up Now, you'll see the date and time of your last backup.

How to backup using a PC?

-Connect your device to your computer. -If using a Mac with macOS Catalina 10.15, open Finder. -If using a Mac with macOS Mojave 10.14 or earlier, or on a PC, open iTunes.-Device passcode or Trust This Computer will show. Follow the onscreen steps. -Find your device on your computer. -If you want to save Health and Activity data from your device, you need to encrypt your backup. If you don't need to save any of your Health and Activity data, you can make an unencrypted backup. Just click Backup Now.-As soon as the process ends, you can check if the backup finished successfully.

How to backup using iTunes?

-Connect your iOS device to the computer you normally sync with.-In the iTunes app on your MacBook or Windows, click the Device button near the top left of the iTunes window.-Click Summary.-Click Backup Now.To see the backups stored on your computer:-Choose Edit.-Choose Preferences, then click Devices. Encrypted backups have a lock icon on the backup list.

How to backup using third-party iOS backup software?

-Download and install your preferred iOS Backup Software.-Choose a data recovery type. With an iOS Backup Software, you may choose from different methods such as recover from iCloud, iTunes, or PC. -Click “proceed” or “recover”. Note: Some iOS Backup Software will require access to your Apple account before proceeding to recovery. 

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