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Best Invoicing Software

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Frequently Asked Questions on Invoicing Software

What is the difference between an invoice and a receipt?

The main difference between these two documents lies in their purposes and the time when they are to be sent. Invoices are sent before payment and serve as a statement that indicates how much the customer has to pay. Receipts, on the other hand, serves as proof that the product and services involved in the transaction have been paid for.

What is the difference between a quote and an invoice?

People often interchange these two documents. However, they cannot be used interchangeably. A quote serves as a formal statement of the estimated costs of the products or services. On the contrary, an invoice contains the price of items or services that have been sold or rendered.You cannot use a quote as an invoice. However, most invoicing software allows you to convert your quotes into an invoice.

Do I need accounting knowledge to use invoicing software?

Most invoicing software today is convenient and user-friendly, allowing you to manage your business transactions with zero accounting knowledge. However, you may want to make sure everything is accurate and precise when it comes to billing. So, even if you can use this software without accounting skills, you may want to hire somebody who can do billing-related tasks for you.

Is there any free invoicing software available in the markettoday?

Yes, there is free invoicing software. However, you can expect that the features you’ll get are pretty much basic. Also, most invoicing software that is free of charge is not fully automated, so you will still do the sending. If you have a large volume of transactions daily, even the best free invoicing software might go short on your needs. Thus, getting a paid plan will be a better choice.

What is the best invoicing software for small businesses?

There is a free invoicing software for small businesses available on the internet you can get. However, once things go well, and your transaction volume starts to increase, online and open-source software may also be the right choice for your search for the best invoicing software for small businesses.

Is there invoicing software that links to checking out?

Yes, there is an invoicing software that offers payment channels as well. This software usually falls under the online and open-source types. In these invoicing software types, the billings are sent to the customers with instructions or links on how they could pay online. This is considered an excellent collection technique among businesses, as it minimizes the risks of having missed or late payments.

What should I do in case I have problems with my online invoicing account password?

There is usually a 24/7 customer support hotline you can call in case you have problems with your account. You can also refer to the service provider’s website. There is a dedicated page for password issues that you can refer to

Can I add a company logo to my invoice?

The interface of invoicing software is user-friendly. Most systems allow you to upload a logo by uploading it first. Afterward, you can drag it anywhere you want on the invoice. Adding logos is not the only design customization you can do. You can also choose from different themes and colors to match your brand.

How do I activate an online payment option?

Online payment options only work for online and open-source invoicing software. You can activate it by going to the settings and enabling the auto payment options. However, you need to make sure that you also activated your bank or payment option as a retailer in the system first. You may ask your service provider to enable this for you during the initial installation.

What is the suitable invoicing software for my business?

If your transaction volume is still low, there is offline invoicing software for small businesses you can opt for. For instance, if you run a small auto repair shop, there is automotive invoicing software that can run offline yet provide you with itemized billings. All parts, services, and the professional fee would be indicated both in the invoice and receipt. These features are useful yet affordable, given that they can run offline.For bigger businesses, it is suggested that you opt for an online-based system. With all the options to choose from, business owners like you shouldn’t miss out on getting such a powerful system.

Can I use multiple currencies in my invoice?

Depending on the software features your system has, there is software that allows multiple currencies. This is especially useful for businesses that are transacting internationally. Just let your service provider know what currencies you wish to accommodate so they can adjust the settings.

How will an online invoice be sent to my customers?

The invoice will be sent via email automatically. You can set a standard email body and subject in the settings so your customers will be receiving the same message for all billings they receive. Also, the invoice is usually PDF, so the customers can download and save them as future reference.

How do I issue a credit note?

You can add a credit note in the account setting. Just look for the additional documents option to manually add a credit note. You can also do it by using your invoicing software dashboard. There is usually a button you have to click to enable credit note issuance. If you can't find it, ask your service provider to enable it for you. Credit notes will help you inform customers should there be errors in your previous manual invoices.

Is my information safe with an online invoicing software?

Yes, you can bet that your information is safe in your online invoicing software. Since it uses cloud storage, you can configure the setting to have sole access. You can also add other authorized users as you wish. Most online invoicing software has SSL encryption features that give the utmost security to users. This feature helps protect both your business and customers’ personal information to avoid any data breach issue in the future.

How do I use an invoicing demo website?

Online invoicing demo websites let you test the process first before getting a paid plan. It is especially useful in trying out, which service provider can give you the best option for your invoicing needs. A demo website will show you the actual dashboard you’ll access once you decide to get the services. You can input the invoice date, customer name, transaction type, and payment status. The demo also gives you added features like payment recording and thank you note addition.

Are there system requirements for an online invoicing software?

Most online invoicing software can be accessed on computers, tablets, and smartphones. However, there are few points you have to remember when using it on your electronic device.For computers, you can access the dashboard through a web browser. Most service providers suggest that you use the browser’s latest version to get the best user experience.For smartphones and tablets, the software will work on any operating system but might require you to reconfigure your settings first. You can ask your service provider to do the reconfiguration upon the installation.Nevertheless, most online system software can be accessed in various systems, given that you are using the latest operating system and browser versions.

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