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Frequently Asked Questions on Invitation Makers

What do you include in an invitation? 

Depending on your event, there are free online invitation makers that include the basic details of your party. Your invitation must contain an eye-catching color scheme to get the attention of your guests. If your event has a particular theme, you can choose elements and graphics that complement it. 

What is the standard invitation size? 

There are several birthday invitation makers that offer their cards in different sizes. The standard invitation size for formal events like weddings is 5x7 inches. For less formal events like birthday parties, you can use 4x6 inches. A smaller size of 5.25x5.25 is used for a more modern design of invitation cards.

Why aren’t my designs automatically shared with my team?

There are wedding invitation makers that allow real-time collaboration with your team. Your designs are not automatically shared unless you share the document itself or make a shareable folder. If you would like to share your creations, you can create a team folder that you can share with your teammates.

Where can I share my invitations?

You can share your invitations with an invitation maker app. They offer a variety of publishing and sharing options, so your guests will surely see your invitation. You can publish your document on the web page itself or through social media accounts. You can also share them through emails or have it on your website.

Can I download my document? 

Yes, you can download your document. There are party invitation makers that let you download your finished design. You can export it in different formats like pdf, png, jpg, etc. It is recommended to have PDF documents, so the fonts you used will remain crisp and clear. 

Will videos work when I send invitations to email?

Yes, videos will work when you send them to your guests’ emails. There are free birthday invitation makers that allow you to add videos to your invitation cards. Videos will work on emails as hyperlinks. The email will show a video thumbnail that the invitees can see in a new tab when they clicked on the thumbnail. 

Can I upload custom fonts?

Yes, you can upload your fonts for your design. There are graduation invitation makers that let you upload unique fonts on your invitation cards. Some will offer this feature if you subscribe to their plans. If you don’t see a particular font you like, there is a list of similar alternative fonts to use in their place. 

Can I add a gift registry for my invitations? 

Yes, you can add a gift registry for your invitation cards. This additional feature is offered by several free online invitation makers. After selecting and creating your design, you can choose an event that allows a gift registry feature. Once the invitation is sent, your guests can locate the gift registry links you provided. 

Are there any “what to bring” options for my invitations?

Yes, you can create a “what to bring” list for your invitation cards. Some digital invitation makers have this extra feature that allows your guests to sign up for necessary food or materials for the party. This will show on your invitation cards after you’ve sent them to your invitees. 

Can I upload free photos on my invitation card? 

Yes, you upload free photos on your customized invitations. There are free birthday invitation makers that let you upload images for a special touch. You can put a photo of the celebrant to make it more personal for him. Plus, you can edit this picture and put filters to make it look fascinating.

Can I customize the RSVP fields on my invitations? 

Yes, you can customize the RSVP fields on your invitation cards. Some wedding invitation makers allow you to add custom RSVP headers to your invitation. You can change the choices that your guests will see to make it look exclusive. It can also provide an additional personal touch for your invitees. 

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