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Research & Development Internship

Internship Program / Minimum of 3 months

Do you want to become a part of the Research & Development team whose impact is critical for the entire company? Successful research and analysis are tools that will drive the company to become the best comparison site in the world. Therefore, our Research and Development internship program focuses on market research and a hunt for new potential subcategories which will bring traffic to

Relevant courses

This position is not limited to students in a specific field. The main criteria are good educational background, and an interest in gaining knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence and a new way of Big Data research.

You will get experience while:

Helping the company become the best comparison site in the world with each successful research and analysis

Attending the free training that the company provides to its interns

Learning how to make quality market research and write reports

Developing the understanding of the AI field while learning how to use different digital platforms and tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Developing your critical thinking skills, as we highly appreciate intern's opinions on why each subcategory will bring in traffic and commission and why not

Doing analysis in daily work, such as checking reference sites and cross-referencing them to our website

Hunting for new potential subcategories in different strategic ways that will bring traffic to

More in-depth research and analysis are going to be done per subcategory potential identified

Truely making a difference and helping in making the internet more truthful

Benefits for you as a Truely intern:

You will become a part of an exciting tech startup environment

You will go through a valuable real-world work experience in the ‘hot’ field of AI

You will get free training from our managers

You will work in an inclusive, cross-cultural, and global company, and gain valuable contacts worldwide

You will gain knowledge of many different subjects through the research projects you undertake for us

You will develop your skills in market research, analysis, SEO, and usage of different digital platforms

Some of our interns will become a part of the team as our employees

You will receive an official certificate of your internship and a recommendation letter for your future employment

You will upgrade your CV and have a high chance of employment after the internship

With your critical thinking, you will be able to influence the transformation of online product reviews

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*The internship is unpaid, but numerous benefits for interns are explained above

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Get your hands on our Onboarding Orientation Form where you can choose the internship programs you want to apply in one place! It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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See if you qualify

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After you pass the exam, you just need to submit a few easy documents.

Hear it from our interns themselves!

I honestly feel grateful to the IIT-Hub and Truely for the amazing and challenging experience.

I honestly feel grateful to the IIT-Hub and Truely for the amazing and challenging experience. I never expected to see myself going out of my comfort zone and leading a team. The first week I was onboarded, I was already chosen to be a Team Manager.

Mari Gem Aldrie M. Alquizar photo

San Pedro College

Mari Gem Aldrie M. Alquizar

My internship experience with The IIT Hub brought me an opportunity to grow and improve my skills as I encountered a healthy working environment.

Being part of one of the researchers from 'Truely' was a remarkable experience because I have improved my coordination and communication with the team to achieve common goals. One of the pros as a highlighted feature researcher from Truly was to get more knowledge of service tools and applications that help consumers meet their demands.

Renz Jazrell Contaoi Suazo photo

University of the East - Caloocan

Renz Jazrell Contaoi Suazo

I’d like to use this platform and time to tell you about my internship story.

Pandemic has really screwed up a lot of plans that I’ve had in mind, but thankfully completing my internship was not one of those. As we fought the battle of covid 19 I was blessed to have found and be accepted in a company called IIT Hub where I was able to accomplish my tasks and prerequisites as a graduating student at the comforts of my home.

Elena Joy P. Dela Cruz photo

Bulacan State University

Elena Joy P. Dela Cruz