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Whether you're new to internet radio hosting or an established expert, you need top-quality tools to create your unique broadcasting content. With its variety of hosting solutions, Shoutcast allows you to access your station from anywhere. Whatever radio genre you plan on pursuing, SHOUTcast will ensure it reaches its highest potential.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Shoutcast Internet Radio Hosting?

Shoutcast is an online radio hosting platform that provides users with the ability to create, broadcast, and manage their stations. The online audio streaming company offers one of the largest internet radio directories with over 50,000 stations and 17 million listeners across the globe.

With Shoutcast's tools and services, you'll be able to effectively manage your recordings, schedule broadcasts, view listener statistics, and more. Its intuitive user interface makes getting started easy and promises to offer the best audio and streaming quality.

Shoutcast software is available for Windows and Linux OS users.

What equipment do you need for Shoutcast Internet Radio Hosting?

For Shoutcast to function optimally, you'll need the following:

• Compatible OS.

• Shoutcast DNAS Server.

• Input source like transcoder or Winamp plus Source DSP plug-in, etc.

• Media or DJs or a Capture device— the content you want to provide to people.

How do I set up Shoutcast Internet Radio Hosting?

To start a Shoutcast broadcast, you'll first need to create an account and log in, and then follow these steps:

Step 1

Select your plan, make the payment and complete the sign-up process.

Step 2

For Windows OS, open your Winamp program and install the Shoutcast DSP plug-in.

Step 3

Start the DSP plug-in by opening the settings page.

• Select DSP/Effect.

• Click Nullsoft Shoutcast Source DSP.

Step 4

Enter your Shoutcast server settings under the Output tab.

Select Connection.

Enter the Shoutcast server host in the address box (you'll receive this address via email after you've purchased the Shoutcast program.)

Enter the Shoutcast server port into the Port field.

Fill in the password field with the Shoutcast server DJ code received via email.

Step 5

Set up your encoder by selecting MP3 Encoder in the Encoder Type menu— choose the correct bitrate under Encoder Settings.

Step 6

Finish filling in your station's website address, title, and genre under the Output tab.

Step 7

Choose your audio source by clicking the Input tab.

Step 8

Click the Output tab and hit Connect to get your station ready for streaming.

How do I use Shoutcast Internet Radio Hosting?

You can start streaming right after the installation process! Upload your playlists, podcast episodes, or interviews into the Shoutcast radio manager or Winamp program.

What are the plans and pricing offered by Shoutcast Internet Radio Hosting?

Shoutcast offers two different plan options— Basic or Pro.

Basic Plan (Free)

Access to the Shoutcast servers is part of the Basic Plan. You'll need an encoder to stream, and the radio manager is not part of the deal. But You'll get to self-host your station using the Shoutcast server software.

Pro Plan

The Pro subscription offers substantially more than the free version— reporting, audience monetization, simulcast, etc. Shoutcast also provides high-performance infrastructure and advanced support. Currently, pricing for this plan is only available after contacting a Shoutcast team member.

Can I use Shoutcast Internet Radio Hosting from different devices?

Yes, if your device is compatible with the equipment requirements, you can use Shoutcast from different devices without any issues. Shoutcast is currently compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems.

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