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15 reviews is a leading company in streaming services offering impeccable hosting services and operating efficiently 24/7. By combining innovation and world-class technology, the company can deliver hyper-scale cloud infrastructure at cost-effective prices. As a result, your radio can be broadcast online and reach all devices without special software or apps.

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What is Primcast Internet Radio Hosting? is a multinational technology company that offers server services, streaming services, hosting, and managing services. Their servers are reliable because they are custom-built for low latency streaming 24/7, 365 days a year.

The company offers worldwide streaming as they can adjust their network and infrastructure to support any size audience, anywhere in the world. Furthermore, you don’t need to have expensive broadcasting software as the company provides MIXXX free of charge. In addition, every station comes with its radio website for free.

How to get into Primcast internet radio hosting?

Step 1

Decide on your theme. Before going into radio hosting, it’s paramount to decide what type of radio station you will host. For example, you can have a music station or news station, invite radio presenters, have actual DJs or auto DJs, host interviews, and many more options.

Step 2

Check copyright laws. Music copyright laws vary from country to country. Therefore, you should check the requirements for music streaming for the country you want to broadcast. You can also use royalty-free music by buying a one-time license.

Step 3

Gather your equipment. All you need is a computer, microphone, and headsets.

Step 4

Register and set up your account on There are plenty of radio hosting packages offered by Primcast. Depending on your budget and what type of setup you have, you can choose between different basic and premium services.

Step 5

Start broadcasting. Once you have your streaming platform and software, it is time to plan your DJs, upload your music, and make playlists. You can now start your first broadcast.

How to use Primcast radio hosting?

Primcast offers free radio hosting services. You can set up your radio station for free. Once you click Create my Free Radio, Primcast redirects you to their partner website: Stream Brothers, which offers three different price plans to host your radio channel.

The free price plan doesn't have media storage, auto DJ, or live chat support. The Pro plan is $19 per month with 3 GB of media storage, auto DJ and live chat support. The Platinum plan is $59 monthly with unlimited media storage, auto DJ and port 80 streaming.

Choose your plan, click on Sign Up and complete the payment details. After the first payment is successful, you will receive an email with your credentials. You can now log in to your account, set up your encoder, and start streaming.

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