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Start your zero-coding streaming service with Muvi, an internet hosting provider with over 500 features. With your keen eye and ear for entertainment and Muvi's high-performance capabilities, you can create an all-in-one streaming platform for your broadcasting needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Muvi internet radio hosting?

Muvi is an over-the-top (OTT) provider that helps you create a radio station by combining multiple streaming services. With Muvi, you can successfully broadcast audio even without coding skills.

You can use Muvi to upload your audio and other types of content to one streaming platform. If you're passionate about creating the next online show, Muvi is a great place to start.

What makes Muvi internet radio hosting a powerful tool for radio broadcasting?

Live and On-Demand Streaming
Muvi One allows you to create and submit audio as On-Demand material for your visitors and live stream music to an international audience.

Secure Content Delivery
Muvi offers end-to-end security for all your audio content to ensure that your and your listeners' data is safe 24/7.

Multiple Content Partners
Are you planning a podcast? You can add podcast partners to your OTT audio platform with Muvi One's Partner Portal. Your partners can add, update, and upload podcasts while generating revenue.

Online Store
Muvi allows you to set up an online store dedicated to your radio station. You can sell custom merch to your audiences and gain revenue.

Why should I choose Muvi as my internet radio hosting provider?

No Tech Skills Required

You don't need to be a coding expert to create an online radio station. With Muvi, you can set up your station and stream high-quality audio content without needing a developer.

Low Maintenance

Hosting with Muvi means zero worries about maintaining your station and its integrated website and apps. You don't need to hire an IT team to deal with your tech issues; contact Muvi support to resolve any issue quickly.

High-Quality Streaming

Muvi allows you to choose among proven and tested pre-designed websites to attract users and provide a high-quality streaming experience.

Does Muvi offer a free trial for its internet radio hosting platform?

Yes! The best part about Muvi is that it does not require any credit card to sign up, allowing you to cancel anytime should you find the service unfit for your plans. Without any pressure, you can use your 14-day free trial to test out the service and see if it fits your ideal.

Does Muvi provide apps with its internet radio hosting service?

Using Muvi internet radio hosting service lets you launch apps that represent your brand. Accessible through iOS, Android, and other platforms and devices, these native apps make your station available to larger audiences.

How do I use Muvi internet radio hosting?

To use Muvi internet radio hosting, register for a free Muvi account. You can start streaming immediately after configuring your Google Analytics and uploading your audio content.

Is my Muvi internet radio hosting plan worth upgrading?

Muvi comes with over 500 features and lets you customize your content. It also allows you to customize the user experience— how the content is accessed and what the users go through when accessing your streams. If you want to enjoy the full benefits Muvi offers, you should upgrade your account to the most suitable plan.

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