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Airtime Pro is a sophisticated internet radio broadcasting platform with features that allow you to stay on the air whether you're a one-person show or a more prominent media outlet. With Airtime Pro, it's never been easier to start, manage, and promote an online radio station.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Airtime Pro is a company that provides users with online radio broadcasting software. A cloud-based hosting server that offers online broadcasting solutions for all kinds of users, Airtime Pro is an ideal platform for effortlessly growing any internet radio station.

Airtime Pro is a browser-based program, so you don't need to download any software. The platform works by hosting your audio content and delivering it to listeners over the internet. It sends the audio in small packets and makes it possible for listeners to start listening to the content before it has been completely downloaded.

Airtime Pro gives you access to several features and services that enable you to set up your station, host your shows, build playlists, upload your content, schedule shows and broadcast live— all from the comfort of home.

Airtime Pro offers listener statistics, seamless switches between pre-recorded and live content, social media promotion, calendar management and more. You can test these features out by signing up for a free trial account, which will allow you to experiment and play around with the technology and see if Airtime Pro is a good fit for your station.

Airtime Pro streams the entire broadcast through your internet connection. The audio files you schedule or play live are sent to Airtime Pro servers, which in turn distribute the content to your listeners.

The hosting platform streamlines the entire broadcasting process, allowing your content to go live and stay online quickly— no need for additional equipment or fancy computer software. Just sign up, purchase the program and you're ready to stream.

Airtime Pro provides a handy mobile app that allows you to keep track of listener engagement. You can quickly see how your audience is reacting to your station— i.e., when listeners turn the volume up or down, what song they stopped tuning in after and more. You can also choose to run either standard Nobex or personal ads. You can learn more about the setup process and the app's features on the Airtime Pro website.