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Best Internet Radio Hosting

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Distribute music to listeners through Internet Radio Hosting! Internet Radio Hosting is a web-based service that hosts pre-recorded radio shows so you won't have to pay for old broadcast spectrum anymore! Start radio hosting today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Internet Radio Hosting

Do I have to commit to a contract?

No, you don’t have to sign any contract. Internet radio hosting providers that handle licensing will give you the freedom to your internet radio station. You won’t have any commitments and would only need to pay for their monthly or yearly subscriptions. Plus, you can upgrade your plans anytime. 

Can I broadcast from different computers?

Yes, you can broadcast from different computers. The best internet radio hosting service lets you use other computers, but not at the same time. You can do your live streaming from different locations and computers. But, if you want to open another stream from another computer, you need to stop your current stream. 

What is an auto DJ?

Internet radio hosting with auto DJ will allow you to keep your server online 24/7 without running a source. You can upload your music files to auto DJ, and they will play it from the server. You may switch off your devices overnight, and your stream will be on air for people to listen to. 

How to add multiple radio stations to my website?

The best internet radio hosting apps have a radio player that you need to configure for your website. The first thing you should do is to arrange your radio player. You can add multiple radio streams to your website. Simply go to your account, add a player, and you’re good to go. 

Will I need to leave my computer on 24/7?

If you plan on doing live streaming, yes, you need to turn your computer on. You’ll need to provide the audio live for your stream to broadcast. If you have an internet radio hosting with auto DJ, you won’t need to connect it yourself as the auto DJ will stream on your behalf.

How to secure my radio website?

The best free internet radio hosting will take care of the security of your site. You don’t have to provide an SSL certificate to secure it. You can contact the support team, and a member of the technical team will add it to your website. For your site to be totally secured, make sure that it doesn’t contain any content that is not safe.

Can I still broadcast live with auto DJ?

Yes, you can still broadcast live with an auto DJ, but you need to turn it off. A free internet radio hosting service lets you stop your auto DJ at any time, so you can connect your live broadcast. You will have an auto DJ access password that will allow you to turn the auto DJ off. 

How to create a new radio server?

After logging in to your account, fill in the general information needed. Then, choose the server type for your new radio server. For optimum performance, select a datacenter region that is closest to your location. Set a size for your radio by choosing the number of listeners who can connect to your stream, then create. 

Why do I need to have a license for my radio station?

Internet radio hosting services that handle licenses will allow you to stream commercial music. Unlike regular radio, internet radio stations are not protected against copyright infringement if you broadcast commercial music without a license. The record label or recording artist holds the copyright for the commercial songs. 

Can I monitor my radio from my device?

Yes, you can monitor your radio from any of your devices. It is inconvenient when a server goes down unnoticed. That’s why cheap internet radio hosting has added a feature where you can get email notifications when your radio goes down. They will let you know when you are broadcasting dead air. 

Can I increase the number of listeners?

Yes, you can increase or decrease the number of your listeners. Internet radio hosting services can resize your radio, which means you can reduce or increase the maximum number of simultaneous listeners. After you have made these changes, you will be billed accordingly at the end of your subscription. 

Why do I need to migrate my radio to a different server?

There are several reasons why you need to migrate your radio when you read reviews of internet radio hosting. You can migrate your radio when there is a connectivity issue between the radio and the server. If you change your studio’s location, it is best to choose a server closest to your broadcasting server.

What happens when I migrate my radio?

The best internet radio hosting will help you migrate your radio to another server. Your radio will be moved with all its settings to the new location. Your radio IP may change, and your listening links will be automatically updated. So you don’t need to worry because it will work the same as before. 

Will migrating my radio cause any downtime?

Yes, migrating your radio may cause some downtime. Unfortunately, even the best internet radio hosting providers will cause downtime of a few minutes as you upgrade your new IP address. It is recommended that you migrate outside your peak hours, so your broadcasting won’t be much affected. 

Can I do a relay on another stream?

Yes, there is internet radio hosting that relays streams with your radio server. Your radio will grab the online stream of that server, and you can broadcast it on yours. You can benefit from this feature if you need to scale up a stream. If your server is full, you can add more capacity for your listeners without disconnecting them. 

What are your advanced radio options?

The best internet radio hosting site offers advanced features for your radio station. In the advanced radio options, you can limit the time a listener can stay connected. Once the time limit is reached, the listeners will be kicked from the server. When the radio disconnects, the listeners will also be booted from your server. 

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