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2021 Rankings

Best Interior Design Software

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Imagine living in your dream home today! With interior design software, you can see how your space will look with different furniture and colors. It’s an easy way to get ideas for what you want without having to spend money on samples or hiring a designer. Download the software today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Interior Design Software

What is the best interior design software option for me? 

If you’re an interior designer working on large-scale projects, premium interior design software is the one for you. Since your projects are getting heavier, invest in a powerful software to help you.

But if you’re still practicing, 3D interior design software for free is enough. You can also read interior design software reviews so that you can have a better grip on the product’s inclusions. 

Can I cancel my software subscription anytime? 

Yes. If you cancel your subscription before the renewal date, you can still use & access the software’s features. Plus, the automatic subscription renewal will be forfeited, so you’re safe from paying the next bill. 

What are the hardware and system requirements? 

Preferably, invest in a device that runs a 64-bit OS, 2.5 GHz processor, 8 GB memory, and at least 1 TB storage space. These specs should be enough to run an interior design software efficiently. 

Do I own the outputs I made in the interior design software that I download for free? 

Yes. You have full ownership of your outputs and designs. Also, you have the right to reproduce and sell the outputs you created in the software. Copyright protects your work in terms of originality, so your permission is required for reproduction offers. 

Where can I install the software from? 

It’s best to download the software file directly from the official company website. Thus, you’ll avoid installing invalid software that may carry viruses and malware that are harmful to your computer device. 

Is there an educational interior design software that’s free to download in full version? 

Yes. Most interior home design software developers offer a special version for students and educators. If you need one but don’t have the budget to purchase a premium version, just browse their website & look for the educational software product. It’s free of charge and easy to install. 

What are the file extensions I can save my work in? 

Different CAD file formats have specific purposes. Commonly, the CAD file formats you can choose from are DWG, DGN, DXF, DWT, SKP, and DWS For model plotting; you can also save your DWG to a PDF format. 

How do I add a custom material swatch to my library? 

-On your material tray, look for and click the Create or Add Material icon.

-Then, it will prompt a panel for custom material configuration. From there, export an image of the material or finish you want to add to your library.

-You can also enhance the image properties such as color and opacity. Once done, click Save. 

Can I make changes to the plan? 

Once the plans are delivered to you, you are the project manager; so, you can most likely make changes with the plan. However, the plans are carefully designed; hence, one revision can change the course of the design. So, book a virtual meeting with your designer first to discuss your ideas further.  

What if the item suggested by my designer is not currently available in the market? 

By now, you must recognize that not all furniture or material pieces will be easily up for grabs due to lack of supply. But don’t worry, your dedicated design support will help you resolve this by looking for items that have a similar look and style. 

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