Best Interactive Presentation Software in June 2022

Interested in creating an interactive presentation? We reviewed the best software that can help you make one, and they have the best features too — ranging from audience chats, polls, quizzes, and more! So what are you waiting for? Try one now to start creating your interactive presentation!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is interactive presentation software?

Interactive presentation software is software that allows you to add multimedia content to your presentation. This software lets you incorporate video, voice, graphics, and other dynamic media into any presentation. Presentation softwares helps you add live connections to other people and websites, with the help of interactive features on your slides.

What is the best software for presentation making?

There are several interactive presentation software available on the market, and choosing one could be tricky. You may consider the one that is widely available, free, and cheap or opt to look for flexible, easy-to-use software that's compatible with various operating systems. It highly depends on your needs or what kind of presentation you are going to make.

What makes excellent presentation software?

The best presentation software can efficiently run on all operating systems, smoothly present ideas, skills, and knowledge, and is fully compatible with all the latest technologies. An ideal presentation software must handle large file sizes and present videos, images, and presentations. Full compatibility with browsers and ease of usage are also important to have.

Why do we use interactive presentation software?

Interactive presentation software has been used as an effective tool to enhance the quality of presentations. It is essential to be engrossed in the presentation that you are delivering, and having boring material decreases audience connection.Today the most effective method of making presentations more alive and exciting is using presentation software.

Do I need to create an interactive presentation?

Creating an interactive presentation is a great way to tailor a presentation to a specific audience, and it's an effective way to impress the people you're trying to persuade. Interactive presentations tend to be a lot more fun for the audience and more memorable as well. An interactive presentation ensures that your audience is paying attention to your slideshow.

What are the standard features of interactive presentation software?
Customizable Content

This customizable content feature enables presenters to integrate their documents into the presentation, allowing end-users to review or edit the content via the presentation. It lets you create templates that you can use to create multiple presentations for different audiences. To enhance the information presented, you can choose from different colors, font styles, and more.


This feature provides you a wide range of choices from which to choose. You can select from hundreds of templates for your presentation. Templates enable you to choose from different themes, animations, transitions, and other special effects. Through this, you can keep consistency throughout the series of slides and effectively communicate your message.


Shareability is an interactive presentation software feature that allows you to take audience participation to the next level by creating polls, surveys, quizzes, whiteboards, and more. It is used to take audience feedback, gather opinions, and present innovative ideas. With an Internet connection, you can display your slides anywhere so the viewers can interact with them.

What are the benefits of using interactive presentation software?

When it comes to presenting large amounts of information, interactive presentation software is the way to go. The benefit of using interactive presentation software is that it ensures that all of your key points and information are directly relevant to the audience. Additionally, you'll be able to keep your audience's attention and keep them engaged, thus better relaying your message.

1. Increased Engagement Level

When your audience's attention has wandered, interactive presentations can help them reconnect and refocus.

2. Entertaining, motivating presentations

Taking a break from the routine, moving around, and forming teams is far preferable to sitting silently and taking notes.

3. Information Retention

It is critical to employ various tactics to attract the user's attention, such as interactive content.

4. Personalized Delivery

Adding interactive features to a presentation increases the user's attention and interest.

What is the importance of making a presentation interactive?

The audience of a presentation wants to interact. The presentation's effectiveness involves a lot of factors, but interactive features can help immensely. An interactive presentation can help create a lot of interest from the audience as it grabs the audience's attention and holds it. This way, they feel like they're involved, and your presentation has a better flow.

What are the advantages of using interactive presentation software?

Interactive presentation software allows the creation of multimedia slideshows accessible on either desktop, laptop computers, or portable devices. With interactive presentation software, your audience can highlight, submit feedback, survey results, and more. It is advantageous for businesses to collect information from their clients or create presentations for audiences.

How much does interactive presentation software cost?

The price of interactive presentation software depends on what you plan to do. It can range from free to hundreds of dollars. You can get interactive presentation software that is affordable and easy to use. Some software costs a lot of money. The cost depends on the quality and the features of the software. The higher the qualities and features, the higher its price.

How do you make an interactive presentation?

An interactive presentation is not simply a presentation that encourages audience participation. It is a presentation that uses interactive presentation software and other technology to enhance the delivery and impact of the message. To make an interactive presentation, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1:

Break the ice and use a straightforward presentation.

Step 2:

Ask the audience questions and inject humor.

Step 3:

Use persuasive language and add visuals and audio materials.

How to choose the best interactive presentation software?

There is a lot of interactive software which takes a presentation to the next level. However, effectiveness doesn't apply to all. There is a vast difference between a presentation with interactive software and a presentation with simple bullet points. If you want an effective presentation, here are a few things you should consider while choosing interactive software:

Pre-built templates

The software should have attractive, professional-looking templates to build presentations in a short period.

Sharing and collaboration options

Collaborative efforts make working together to build a presentation possible and make information dissemination easier.

Flexibility and customization options

Templates are great, but the best interactive presentation software should allow you to personalize almost everything.


It's crucial to deliver exciting presentations, but you don't have to pay a lot of money to do so. Affordability is a primary factor with so many capable free tools on the market.

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