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Creating a new identity through Id Maker can be as simple as adding a name, birth date and photo to an existing metro public id. As long as you have at least one valid form of identification, you can download and print your own custom designed ids from Id Maker. Get one of the ID makers today!

Frequently Asked Questions on ID Makers

How does one spot a fake ID?

Fake ID makers online are spread and used for free. It’s good to know which things to watch out for. For the basics, look into the photograph. Usually, government IDs must have an holographic coating over it. Check also signatures and spelling mishaps. Fake IDs have uneven surfaces with bumpy textures. Look into font styles, watermarks, and holograms if they are correctly put.

What security features can easily be added using an ID maker?

Photograph identification is the most basic. Various holograms are the most complex. However, all have the same purpose of combating counterfeits and promoting security. First, assess the company’s security needs to know if the security features you need are compatible with it. Ideally, you want something that is both sustainable and non-intrusive.

Do online ID makers make physical IDs as well?

Yes, most ID making sites offer physical ID printing, too. Simply skim through the site if the option is available. The most common things to be used in ID making are either bio card or PVC composite; these are the same things as your bank cards. Some sites offer high-quality bulk printing for ordered IDs and same-day shipping.

What is the standard size for ID making?

Whether landscape or portrait-oriented, most cards are credit card sized. Specifically, IDs produced via ID makers have 3.370 inches in width and 2.125 inches in height. They are mostly made out of PVC or bio cards. These are thick and durable components that are similar to your credit card ensuring the longevity of each ID card produced.

Are there tutorials for ID making?

Yes, there are. ID maker sites provide step-by-step tutorials on how to maximize design tools and templates available at their site. These video tutorials can be found within the ID maker site or over free video-streaming apps. From 6-step to 12-step video tutorials, you are sure to be a pro-ID maker site in no time. Tutorials also have a playlist that you can continuously learn from.

Why are the ID maker and the promised ID template on the site not the same?

Because of the program and time availability that differed from the website creation up until the continued site patronage, things like this are bound to happen but are not instant testaments of inconsistency. It may be due to incompatibility between the actual software used by the ID maker developer and the browsing site. One of those two may need an upgrade. 

Are artworks or company logos uploadable?

Yes, this option is readily available over ID makers. ID makers know that logos are essential in building quality ID. You only need to have a valid image file to upload to the site (.jpeg or .png files). However, most sites that offer printing and shipping require you to submit authorization notes of the logo.

Are ID card makers available offline?

Yes, ID card generators are available offline. There are free and downloadable ID-making programs over the internet. With templates available without an internet connection, you can make use of these programs anytime and anywhere. ID-making is always accessible. 

What organizational needs must be met with an ID maker?

ID makers are meant to produce highly regarded IDs. But these IDs can be rendered useless if not used properly. Check on organizational needs to know how many employee IDs will be required, the number of visitor IDs to set aside, ID designs per team, security features and verification engagements, duration spans, and backup databases and systems for all IDs.

How secure is the transaction for subscribing to ID makers?

If you are going to order physical IDs from a site, you will be giving your bank details to proceed with the transaction. ID making sites have SSL encryptions that protect your input details including your name and location. Your provided details are safe and secure during the entire process. For more insight on privacy, check the site’s “Privacy Policy” and “User Agreements”.

Are IDs made in an ID maker look the same in person?

Except for slight variations in color hues and tones, IDs made out of ID makers look more the same than not. On a more serious note, ID makers do not apply autocorrect. This means they can’t correct spelling mistakes done by mishaps in data entry. ID makers can only produce what has been inputted. So, double-check entries. If the received IDs have a defect, contact customer service.

What security feature is something better than photo identification but less complicated than holographic overlay?

Barcodes, of course! Among the most widespread types of security encoding, barcodes are readily available in all ID makers. You can skip all the complicated advanced software, module encoding schemes, and sophisticated ribbons; barcodes let you have the basic tenets of security without all the information overload.

 Why does the ID maker site keep on turning me down?

Try to clear cache in the internet browser. This is likely because your browser has stored so much cache and cookies that the program cannot run. Do a quick check-up as well if the site requires a specific browser to work more smoothly with. This will make the creation process even smoother.

What should an ID card contain?

There are indispensable parts in making an ID card. This is what the ID maker helps you out with. Never miss a detail by crossing out the following important components of an ID: logo of the organization, design of the card, single/dual-sidedness, picture, encoded data, pertinent signatures, security features, and necessary personal information.

Is a design skill needed in using an ID maker?

Not even the slightest. You can let the ID maker generate your design for you, or you can choose from its wide array of templates and elements. All you have to know is the purpose and function of the ID you are currently producing. Once done, you can order it and even expect it on the same day as ID makers that physically produce IDs have a same-day shipment offer.

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