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Best Greeting Card Makers

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Do you know what's better than a store-bought card? A personalized one. Greeting card maker is the perfect app for those who want to make their own cards, but don't have time to go out and buy supplies. Try one greeting card maker today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Greeting Card Makers

What is the best format for my greeting cards?

Save and export your greeting cards as PNG for the best quality. All social media websites and online web browsers support this format. If you want a light form to save storage space, you can choose to export them as JPG. Do note that there is some loss in quality, however minimal and unnoticeable.

Do you create printable greeting cards in PDF format?

Yes, printable greeting cards are in PDF format. This is to preserve the quality of your beautifully designed greeting cards. Also, this can make your printing journey easy and fast. Set your greeting card with excellent printing properties, and you’re good to go.

Can I use a greeting card maker for any card?

Yes, there are available greeting card maker templates professionally created to be as good as done. Use them on the go. If you want to make greeting cards for more specific occasions, you can choose between getting an online greeting card maker or a greeting card maker software.

Can I use my photos?

Yes, you can use your photos to design your greeting cards. Online greeting card makers have a File Upload feature that allows you to upload your photos, preferably in JPG or PNG format. Insert your favorite photos and memories to make your greeting cards memorable and sweet.

Do I need a greeting card maker machine?

Getting a greeting card maker machine may not be the most practical choice. Most greeting cards can be printed on ordinary printers you have at home. Greeting card maker machines are suitable for those who produce greeting cards in bulk and those whose greeting cards are designed to have unusual shapes.

Do I need a professional printer to print my greeting cards?

Most greeting cards can be printed at home, with your usual go-to printers. The more advanced printers equal the more high-quality produced greeting cards. Professional printers are an optional choice for those who want to sell their greeting cards. This is to ensure that the printing quality does not destroy the overall look of the greeting cards.

Is there a free trial for online greeting card makers?

Yes, some online greeting card makers offer a free trial period. This option is available for those who are still not willing to commit to monthly or yearly subscriptions. Take your time and explore the things you will be missing out on if you don’t avail of the premium features.

Can I use my fonts?

Greeting card maker software is equipped with multi-language features that support texts written in different languages. However, you have a particular font that you fancy and want to use in your greeting cards; you can do so. Some greeting card makers allow you to upload your chosen fonts.

Can I pick my color scheme?

Yes, you can pick and set your color scheme. Greeting card makers have a color picker tool that allows you to select the exact shade you want to use. After picking out the right shade, a color wheel or color hex coding pops up to help you choose the family of colors it comes along with. Create clean greeting cards by picking your color scheme.

Do you autosave my work?

Yes, online greeting card makers and greeting card maker software have an autosave function. It allows you to return to your work even if you accidentally close your browsers or your computers unexpectedly shut down. It automatically loads the last project you’ve been working on so that you can finish it in no time.

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