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Fotor allows users to make superb quality designs quickly with its powerful and accessible graphic design tools. From designing advertisement posters to brand logos, Fotor design maker gives you a million high-definition stock photos, tens of various design dimensions, and a myriad of pre-made design templates to begin—there are no skills required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Fotor different?

Being one of 2021’s best design sites with the best graphic design tools, with Fotor design maker, you can enjoy more than 80 different templates and over 100,000 design layouts. Without any hassles of formidable learning the software, you can create attractive social media banners for your Facebook pages, Youtube thumbnails, Twitter covers, and more. Fotor’s popularity is rapidly increasing by hundreds of millions of users around the world. Aside from its enhanced and accessible desktop platform, Fotor is now available on every prime mobile platform from Android and iOS providing users the convenience of posting on all social media platforms.

What is the difference between Fotor pro and Fotor pro+?

Fotor pro+ membership grants access not just to all premium features that Fotor pro provides, but also you will enjoy 1,000,000+ high-resolution photos for business and personal purposes.

How do I check the expiration date?

Need not worry about checking your plan’s expiry date. Go to Fotor’s official website, log into your account and click your profile avatar – "My Account", and you can see the expiration date and all details there.

Can I receive an invoice?

Yes, you can receive an invoice. Go to Fotor’s official website, log into your account, click the profile avatar - "Payment History" - "Invoice", and choose the invoice you desire and download it.

Can I upgrade my plan to Fotor pro+ if I have a Fotor pro membership?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan. It didn’t matter when you bought your pro plan; you also can avail the pro+ service. Fotor gives the user the ability to design any form of graphics and cover, limited only by imagination. With the premium packages, you will have access to use the premium tools used in graphic design.

Can I be refunded with my Fotor pro expenses if I want to upgrade to Fotor pro+?

Yes. If your pro plan is still active, you will get a refund in accordance with your period of usage. The pro+ service will take effect after you’re settling the payment.

How do I use Fotor photo editor for beginners?

Fotor offers quality graphic design tools for beginners. From the home menu, you can enter Fotor in the edit, collage, or batch mode. Click "Edit" to use powerful tools for every essential editing need, plus scenes, effects, borders, tilt-shift, and more. Click "Collage" to mix, match, and customize a photo collage.

Does Fotor support RAW?

Yes, Fotor does support RAW file processing, allowing for exceptional definition quality is a vital feature of the desktop platform. Simultaneously, the patented HDR (high dynamic range) is available on many versions, including mobile.

Will Fotor replace pohotoshop soon?

Though photoshop also offers graphic design tools online, they will not be replaced by any product due to its powerful and wealthy functions and its vast user base. Fotor is an excellent graphic design drawing tool for people without professional photo editing skills to create graphics with ready-to-use templates.

Can I edit my resume with Fotor?

Yes, you can. If you are not sure about your resume, worry not! With various well-designed resume templates and examples, Fotor helps you create your resume stand out among others. Start editing your resume with Fotor basic’s free graphic design tools and features.

Do they offer video tutorials to use their graphic design tools for beginners?

For beginners, Fotor offers video tutorials on their official website. Just go to the "Feature" tab, click how-to, and navigate to "Video Tutorial". There are two sections: Fundamental and intermediate, that will let aspiring users know the tools for graphic design Fotor offers.

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