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Best Graphic Design Tools

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Capture your audience’s interest with eye-catching visuals! With the help of graphic design tools, you can speed up your designing process and create powerful graphics to promote your brand. Download graphic design tools today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Graphic Design Tools

What is the difference between paid and free online graphic design tools?

Most service providers let you create an account and use some of their best free graphic design tools. It may work for aspiring graphic designers. However, if you’re doing complicated and intricate designs, the paid graphic design tools usually offer more design and template variations.

Do graphic design tools service providers offer money-back guarantees?

Yes, there are service providers that offer money-back guarantees. However, this setup is usually only applicable to account upgrades. After your upgrade and you’re not happy with the service, you can ask your service provider for a full refund, as long as it is within the leeway period. 

Can I cancel my online graphic design tools subscription at any time?

Yes, most service providers let you cancel your subscription at any time. However, it is usually applicable to monthly plans. For yearly plans, it will not be smart to terminate your plan since you already made the full payment for the year. Thus, you should check out online graphic design tools free trials first before getting a yearly plan. 

Are the images in graphic design software, hardware, and platforms royalty-free? 

Most service providers ensure that all their images, graphics, and templates are royalty-free. They are sourced from trusted providers, which makes them safe for personal and commercial uses. 

Can I share my online graphic design tools account with another person?

Sharing of your online graphic tools account would depend on your plan. If you’re signed up for an individual account, only one user can use it at a time. However, you can still collaborate with others who also have accounts by using the platform’s collaboration tools. 

Do graphic design tools service providers offer refunds?

Yes, some service providers offer refunds. However, they always vary depending on the platform’s policy. Most service providers would only give you seven days of leeway for a refund. After the payment is processed, you have to request the refund within that period for it to be considered.

Where can I download the file after the project is finished?

For service providers who do custom designs, they usually upload the finished work to your website account. You can also leave comments regarding the design so that your service provider can do the modifications until you’re delighted with the output.

Will I have full ownership of the finished project using online graphic design tools?

After finishing the project, you will have ownership of the final design. However, the design elements you will put in from the platform will remain owned by your service provider. If you want a design that you can fully own, you should consider using software instead so that you can build everything from scratch. 

What skills do I need to be a graphic designer?

Some people would suggest that you be creative and a little tech-savvy to be a graphic designer. If you’re a total graphic design newbie, don’t worry because there are easy to use graphic design tools that can help you make beautiful designs in a few simple steps.

What is the difference between basic and pro online graphic design tools accounts? 

The difference between basic and pro online graphic design tools accounts is the number of accessible materials in the platform. Pro accounts will give you broader access to the materials versus the basic ones. Most service providers also let you upload more images and download more final outputs in pro accounts. 

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