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Best Free Remote PC Access

Last updated on November, 10

Remote PC access tools can be used to connect with a desktop from anywhere in the world. This means employees who are working remotely can be just as productive as they would be if they were at their office desk. With this tool, you can get on any device with an internet connection and be able to control your PC as if it were right next door!

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Price Starts:

$ 47.90

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Frequently Asked Questions on Free Remote PC Access

How to remotely access a computer for free?

A Remote PC Access is a software that allows you to access your computer from a different location. It is handy when your desktop setup is not compatible with your new location. You can easily control it remotely as if you are sitting right in front of it. To remotely access one these are the general steps:

Step 1:

Go to the start menu and click system settings.

Step 2:

Choose the remote desktop option and enable.

Step 3:

Once enabled the device would show a connection option.

Step 4:

Click the connect option and a prompt would show allowing other users to join.

Step 5:

Click the connection prompt and share the settings to the other device.

Step 6:

Both systems would now be connected to check if all are working.

Free Remote PC AccessWhat is the best remote access for free?

There are several types of remote access software, some of which are free and some which users have to pay for. One thing to keep in mind is that if users are going to use a free remote access software, it's best if the company provides a support service as well because it can be very difficult to troubleshoot their computer problems without help.

Can someone remotely access someone's computer without their knowledge?

Yes, other users with vastly more expertise and knowledge can and would be able to access other people's computers without their permission. This can mostly be done when the user on the other end downloads a virus or leaves their remote pc access on the computer ready for anyone to be used.

What is always-on setting on a remote access?

Always-on remote access shows a list of machines that have been set up for remote access using their Remote PC account, as well as their current status: All Computers, Online, In Session, or Offline. Computers in general – this command displays a list of all the machines that have been setup with your account.

What are the 4 types of remote access connection?

There are different types of remote PC access listed here are the most common of them:

Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP)

SLIP was created by UNIX to allow TCP/IP to be transmitted through serial connections. SLIP is used in many network operating systems, including UNIX, and functions at both the data connection and physical layers of the OSI model.

Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) and PPPOE (Point-to-Point Protocol Over Ethernet)

PPP is a remote access protocol that makes TCP/IP possible. It builds a link between two points using point-to-point linkages (i.e., dedicated leased lines and dial-up). PPP is most commonly used for connecting to LANs and ISPs from a distance.

Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)

Microsoft designed PPTP, a remote access protocol based on PPP. It's used to create virtual connections over the internet using PPP and TCP/IP, allowing two networks to share a WAN link while maintaining the security of a private network. Because it is both simple and secure, PPTP is an excellent choice.

Windows Remote Access Services (RAS)

Users can call up a server and connect to both the server and the server's host network in Windows 2000 and Windows NT. This is known as RAS, and it is utilized in smaller networks where a dedicated dial-up router would be impractical or impossible. You can connect a modem to a Windows 2000 or Windows NT server.

Are free remote pc access safe?

Free remote PC access is generally safe; it allows a user to access and control their desktop computer from any place in the world. In other words, you can connect from anywhere to the computer located at home in order to work on your desktop full time or do some job related task. Free remote pc access is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge as long as you have a good bandwidth connection.

Are free remote PC access reliable?

Yes. Free remote PC access is generally reliable. Free remote PC access software is excellent when it comes to handling all the problems that are associated with a remote PC and networking. Free remote PC access software also comes with added benefits which have made it necessary for users who need remote access on their computer to use such software.

Is using free remote PC access legal?

Yes. The remote PC access service is legal in most cases. If you access a PC legally, then it's also legal to use the remote control tools that come with it like team viewer. If you're using free remote PC access to break into PCs uninvited – stealing information, network hacking or even defacing a website – then that is illegal.

How to use a free remote PC access?

Remote PC access is an online service that provides remote access to another computer. Remote PC access enables you to remotely control & access your PC from anywhere in the world. You can use it from any PC, Mac or Linux desktop. Using high speed internet access, the remote computer's desktop is broadcast over the internet and appears on the screen of your device.

What is the most critical feature that's missing on remote PC access?

Remote PC access is the best app to access your computer remotely from another device. In many people's opinion the most critical feature missing on remote PC access is the ability for a 3rd party to be able to remotely access the remote PC and provide technical/engineering support without the need for user interaction.

What are the risks of using free remote PC access?

There are plenty of ways to access any PC somewhere in the world, but the most convenient ones are not free. Free PC remote access software comes with some risks, such as the possibility of your location being traced. However, a certain amount of protection is available. Many times it's not the cost that makes people hesitate to try remote access software.

How to install free remote PC access on your device?

To install free remote PC access on your device you need to allow access for remote access. Here are the step:

Step 1:

Go to settings > system > remote desktop on the computer you wish to access and make sure the enable remote desktop switch is turned on.

Step 2:

By default, the options for keep your PC awake for connections when it is plugged in and Make my PC discoverable on private networks to enable automatic connection from a remote device may both be enabled.

Step 3:

Modify discoverable options, click the corresponding Show settings link, and leave both turned on at this point.

Step 4:

Click the advanced settings link and make sure the box for configure network level authentication is checked.

Step 5:

If you want to give remote access to a different account, click the select users that can remotely access this PC link at the bottom. Click add and enter the username for the account you want to use.

What are the steps on how to update your free remote PC access?

Step 1:

Look for the software on your device.

Step 2:

Open the software, If the software needs to be updated a prompt would show.

Step 3:

Click the update now.

Step 4:

After downloading the update, install the update and restart your software.

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