Best Free Photo Slideshow Makers in June 2022

Do you want to make your presentations more interesting? Free photo slideshow makers are tools that let you add images to your slideshows. It’s easy and fun! Just upload your own photos or choose from a library — and voila! Your slideshow is ready in seconds. Now it's time for everyone else to enjoy it too!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the best free photo slideshow maker?

The best free photo slideshow maker depends on what features you need to complete your project. It’s important to find a free slideshow maker that offers you full access to their features for free. Furthermore, the best slideshow makers give you various templates, transitions, effects, fonts, and more designing tools to allow you to get creative.

Are free photo slideshow makers easy to use?

Absolutely, free photo slideshow makers are very easy to use. All you need is to gather the pictures you want to appear in the slideshow, insert them in the slideshow maker, choose music to accompany the slideshow, customize the duration of each slide, sometimes even the way the text is displayed, and lastly, publish or share your slideshow online.

Does a free photo slideshow maker have watermarks?

Yes, that really depends on the free photo slideshow maker. Some slideshow makers add watermarks, some don't. Although the photo slideshow maker is free, it does have some limitations. One of them is watermarking. But a free photo slideshow maker does offer some nice features that can be found on paid photo slideshow makers.

What are the benefits of using the free photo slideshow makers?

The free photo slideshow maker is an easy slideshow maker that allows you to create engaging slideshows in minutes. It is great for individuals, bloggers, or small businesses to market their products or services through imagery. It can also allow you to upload an unlimited amount of content. In addition, you can easily create a unique slideshow from one of their many templates.

Are free photo slideshow makers good for professionals?

Yes! The great thing about free photo slideshow makers is that they are easy to use for both beginners and professionals. Although most professionally designed slideshows are created with professional slideshow designing software, a free photo slideshow maker is one way to create your own professional-looking video without paying for expensive software.

Who uses free photo slideshow makers?

The number one thing that photographers do with a photo slideshow maker is to showcase a portfolio of their best work. Using a free photo slideshow maker, you can create a modern and professional way to show your clients your previous work and what type of photography sservices you offer.

Event Organizers

Event organizers, like wedding planners and coordinators, use free photo slideshow makers to create portfolios and show potential clients their best work. With a slideshow, you can professionally present photos of your past event work and help clients decide for their own event. Present ideas to your clients and give them a visual sense of the details of a project.


Free photo slideshow maker allows you to edit and customize photos and compile them into an impressive slideshow for your blog. Presenting your photos in a slideshow make it easier for your viewers and followers to view all of your images at once. Free photo slideshow makers can help in uploading your slideshows to social media platforms and blogging sites.


Free photo slideshow maker helps webmasters create an impressive and visual-stimulating way to present photos. Making attractive and eye-catching image presentations is a way you can draw more attention and initiate better engagement with your visitors. With free photo slideshow makers, you can easily achieve better photo presentations for free and reallocate your money for other aspects of your website.


Businesses can use free photo slideshow makers to help them make eye-catching websites and social media posts to advertise services and products. It can also be used to create a slideshow for your business website, business meetings, or events. Furthermore, you can use photo slideshows when presenting to clients.


Photo slideshow makers are an excellent student tool for creating and presenting important schoolwork uniquely and creatively to your teachers and fellow students. With free photo slideshow makers, you can easily add photos from your digital cameras or smartphones. As a student, you won’t need to spend your money creating professional-looking photo slideshows for your schoolwork.

Are there free photo slideshow makers available for android and iOS devices?

There are a lot of free photo slideshow makers available for android and iOS devices. You can find them on google play store for android devices, and on the app store for the iOS devices. Make sure that the free photo slideshow maker is compatible with the system requirements of your device.

Can you add music and sound effects when using a free photo slideshow maker?

Yes, you can use stock music or sound effects that the free photo slideshow maker offers, or you can upload your own audio files. The process of adding music and sound effects may differ depending on the free slideshow maker that you’re using. Before uploading any audio or music files, make sure that you are not violating any copyright laws.

What file formats do free photo slideshow makers support?

A free photo slideshow maker usually supports many file formats, including PDF, GIF, JPEG, BMP. With free photo slideshow makers, you can save your files in various file formats like .MPEG, .MOV, .AVI or .MP4, etc. This way, you can easily access your slideshow project on other devices and platforms without the hassle of converting.

How does a free photo slideshow maker differ from a free photo editing app?

A photo slideshow maker focuses on the presentation and sharing of your photos, while photo editing apps focus more on editing your photos. Some free photo slideshow makers give you photo editing tools to change aspects of your photos, such as contrast and brightness. If you’re looking for more complex photo editing options, it’s best to use a photo editing app to edit your photos before uploading your photos into a photo slideshow maker.

How to use the free photo slideshow maker?
Step 1:

Download the free photo slideshow maker or create an account if it is on a website.

Step 2:

Choose a template for the slideshow.

Step 3:

Upload photos from your computer.

Step 4:

Add text to the slideshow with customizable fonts and colors.

Step 5:

Add music, captions, effects, or voiceovers for each photo slide.

Step 6:

Preview and save the slideshow in your desired file format.

Step 7:

Share it on social media, email, or send it as an executable file.

How to choose a free photo slideshow maker?
Step 1:

Check if the photo slideshow maker is compatible with your device.

Step 2:

Check out the key features of the free photo slideshow maker and compare it with others.

Step 3:

Check if there are any additional fees or subscriptions for the service.

Step 4:

Read reviews to see what other people say about the service.

Step 5:

Make sure there's an option to add music, text, and transitions so you can personalize your slideshow to your liking.

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