Best Free Invitation Makers in June 2022

Looking for an invitation maker? Check out these free invitation makers that will help you create the best cards from scratch. These tools are not limited to birthdays and weddings, and you can create invitations for any other occasion as well! Try a free invitation maker today to create amazing invitations in an instant!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a free invitation maker?

A free invitation maker is a platform where you can create and design invitations without paying anything. With various designing tools, templates, and a wide range of graphics and images to use, you can create invitations for all types of occasions easily and quickly. With free invitation makers, you can create beautiful and professional-looking digital and print invitations.

Why do you need a free invitation maker?

You need a free invitation maker to customize invitation cards for parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and more! The best thing about free invitation makers is that you don’t need any designing or craft skills to create something beautiful. With a free invitation maker, you won’t need to hire or pay others to create and design professional-looking invitations for you.

What are some tips I should do to make a better invitation using the free invitation maker?
Start with inspiration

There are thousands of professionally designed templates for all occasions available, so you'll never have to start from scratch. You can find new ideas by searching for them by event, idea, aesthetic, mood, or color. Simply tap or click to open the document in the editor once you've found a design template to work with.

Remix it to make it your own

With free invitation makers, you can customize your invitation in various ways. Free invitation makers have an expansive font library to personalize your texts further. You can upload your photos or choose from a library of tens of thousands of free images. With free invitation makers, you can create, design, and personalize every detail of your invitation to your liking.

Amp up the flair

Using a free invitation maker makes it easy and quick to add personality and flair to your projects. You can add animated stickers or apply text animation to short-form graphic videos in just a few taps. If you need a hand in creating your invitations, you can also add your partners or teams to your project to help bring your concept to reality.

Re-size to make your content go further

The days of memorizing image dimensions for each platform are long gone. Once you've found a design you like, you can use the free invitation maker's magical auto-resize option. This feature effortlessly adjusts your project for any printing need or social network platforms. Simply replicate the project, resize it, and choose the platform you want it to adapt for.

Do I need a specific program to run the free invitation maker?

No. There’s no need for any specific program to run a free invitation maker. A free invitation maker is usually a stand-alone program that can be run straight from your device. All you need is to download the software/app or have an internet connection to use it.

Can I change the fonts on the invitation maker?

Yes. Free invitation makers give you numerous font options to choose from so you can further personalize the text content of your invitations. From fonts that fit kids’ birthday parties to beautiful cursive wedding fonts, you can choose what best suits your invitation. Simply click on the text you want to change and select your font from the drop-down menu.

Can I save my work as a template to use again for future invitations?

Yes, you can save your projects in various file types if you plan on using them again in the future. Before you save the document, be sure to check it for spelling and grammatical errors. Once you have a clean, error-free invitation, you can save it to ensure that it’ll be on hand the next time you need to send the same invitation.

Is there a way to download the invitation as a PDF for sending as an email attachment?

Yes, free invitation makers give you the option to save and download your file in various types of file types to fit the platforms you want to share them on and your printing needs. Saving your invitation as a PDF file is a great option that free invitation makers offer if you plan on sending it to your friends and family as an email attachment.

Is there a limit to the number of invitations I can make?

Free invitation makers usually allow you to send invitations to an unlimited number of people. Unfortunately, there are some constraints with the number of invitations you can send in the same 24 hour period. With free invitation makers, you can only send invites to around four people per day.

Is the free invitation maker helpful to create an online invitation?

Free invitation makers are easy-to-use and intuitive platforms that help create online digital invitations in just a few clicks. The best thing about these invitation makers is that they are especially helpful if you don’t want to spend money hiring a professional invitation designer to get professional-looking invitations.

Can the free invitation maker be used on the phone?

Yes, you can use free invitation makers on your phone. However, it’s recommended to use the desktop version of the tool to create e-invitations. The only disadvantage is that the smartphone version of invitation makers is not as user-friendly as a desktop version. With a desktop version, you’ll get a bigger view and more control of your elements when using a mouse.

How do I write an invitation card?

With free invitation makers, an invitation card is easy to make. Offering a vast library of invitation templates, simply choose one of the invitation card templates, personalize it, and fill up the information. If you want to design an invitation card from scratch, the most important details you need to input are the invitee’s name and the event’s name. Other details you need to include are the date, time, venue, and your contact information. Furthermore, you can make an additional note if your guests need to bring anything other than themselves.

How do free invitation makers help businesses?

The free invitation maker website has become an extra helpful marketing tool for businesses. With the help of online free invitation makers, companies can quickly generate custom event and meeting invitations and other essential marketing materials without the additional costs. This helps in magnifying your marketing reach and allows you to reach a larger audience easily.

How do I share my invitations with others?

Free invitation makers are user-friendly and convenient to use. One of the best things is that you can easily share them with others by printing your invitations on paper, emailing it, or sharing it on social media platforms. To invite or share it with other people, simply look for the feature of your invitation maker that allows you to invite others to view your invitation. Follow these steps:

Step 1:

Type in the email addresses of the friends you wish to invite.

Step 2:

If there are more invitees, you can include multiple addresses to send at one time.

Step 3:

Include a personal message to each invitee.

Step 4:

When you are ready to send out the invitation, click the “Send Invites” button.

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