Best Free Blogging Platforms in June 2022

Do you love writing? Do you have a lot of opinions about certain topics or products? If so, blogging is for you! If you are looking for a free blogging platform, then this is the list for you. We reviewed the best free blogging platforms to help you get started with your blog. So don't hesitate to check them and try one out today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a free blogging platform?

A free blogging platform is a popular type of web application or online service that allows users to create and publish articles. Bloggers may post entries in either chronological order or reverse-chronological order, with posts being called sessions. Blogs offer more variety than using straightforward websites or social media outlets. Free blogging platforms offer different layouts and themes for personal blogs. By using a free blogging platform, you may read through articles that have already been published by other people and give feedback on them.

Who can use a free blogging platform?

A blogging platform helps a blogger publish blog posts and allows readers to load them. The objective might be self-expression, link building, or marketing. But it can provide many benefits based on keywords chosen to control stricter publishing guidelines of live venues.


Blogging platforms are the backbone of modern marketing and promotion. It can be used strategically to propel marketers' businesses or blogs to new heights. One of the primary benefits of blogging platforms for marketers is that a blogging platform saves them from doing their research to find out what people are interested in. With that, marketers can come up with articles based on those interests and post them on blogs or directly on social media outlets.


School teachers have a wealth of experience in teaching, which can be well utilized in the education of others through the right kind of medium. Blogging is an excellent avenue for teaching because it allows them to post their ideas and advice about topics they are passionate about like instructional lessons and content development.

What are the types of free blogging platforms?

Hosted blogging platforms are mobile or desktop apps that allow for the creation of a blog without purchasing any hardware or software upfront. Blogs hosted by other service providers can still be privately managed but they require additional time to manage due to the need to communicate with the service provider to make changes, updates, etc.


Self-hosted blogging platforms may require technical knowledge that requires the user to set up a server. Hosting your blog on a self-hosted server will have more control over your site content than a hosted platform. You also won't need to pay upfront for domain or hosting costs. This type would also require hosting, maintenance, and protection overhead.

Is it important to know coding before using a free blogging platform?

It's not necessary, but it can make starting a lot easier. It depends on what you want to do with your site. If the goal is just to use the blog as something that will never get more complicated than adding and editing text, then knowing coding may be overcomplicating things. If tech literacy is your major importance for your blog, it is recommended to learn how to code. This is because free blogging platforms are designed with non-coders in mind, but there are plenty of templates that will allow design changes with coding, and an intuitive interface that handles layouts automatically.

What are the tables in databases should you use when having a free blogging platform?
User Table

The user table is a type of database that stores information on users who have signed up to use the site. It records what level of access they have, how long they’ve been active, and other account-specific data.

Post Table

Post table is the place where posts are stored for bloggers. It is a representation of supply (content) and demand (user interactions with content). The post table includes the name of the pin, how much the user made from blog posts that are older than a year, and the number of pins that don't have a written post. It also shows what category the posts are in.

Post Meta

Post meta is metadata information about the entry that can be used by templates to customize their presentation. It is used by plugins to save specific data with a particular post, such as editing date and author name.

Post Comment Table

Post comment table stores information about comments written by users. It stores the published post comments and is generally created by the blog when it's first set up. It has columns to store the comments themselves, as well as information such as author names and timestamps of when they've been posted.

Category Table

The category table, or simply categories in the database is a list of predefined topics for posts. It allows users to categorize posts by different topics so articles will be more easily identified by readers. This is used as a way to keep track of what posts have been published on your blog before.

What blogging platform is easy to embed in existing websites?

It depends on the platform. Many blogging platforms offer a widget for webmasters to install. The widgets that can be embedded in existing websites from a particular service are pretty simplistic. However, they are not required to be used, and if you just wanted a smaller custom blog to embed only on your existing website, code can also be put into HTML pages for this.

Does the free blogging platform have an audio feature for blinds?

The free blogging platform may have an audio feature. You can create an account on a service by coding, and customize it so that your writings are available as text or audio files. You just need to insert a voice-over and make a platform that has an audio function to embed a podcast in a post.

What is the difference between a blogging platform and CMS?

A blogging platform is a filter for blog posts. All content elements, including templates, images, videos, tags, categories, and internal linking are created manually. A CMS on the other hand has everything an online editor needs to publish their first article on day one without any further input from them but would also provide almost endless possibilities for customization that usually goes far beyond publishing platforms.

How to choose the best blogging platform?

There is no best option, but there are things you should consider before choosing one. Some of the factors that may influence your decision include features offered by blog hosting service, ease of use, and compatibility with other services you might want to use on the same domain name as your blog. To choose the best blogging platform:

Step 1:

Choose a blogging platform. There are plenty of blogging platforms available online, but the best option could be to build your own blog on your own domain or hosting service for ultimate control and flexibility.

Step 2:

Decide if you want to use a hosted or self-hosted blogging platform. If you prefer a hosted option, you don't need to set up a domain name and web hosting or buy any additional apps for your blog.

Step 3:

Research what blogging sites are best for you.

Step 4:

Identify the main features of each blogging site that you want to use on your blog.

Step 5:

Determine whether the features are available on the site you're considering.

Step 6:

Consider how easy it will be to manage it once you decide on a blog site.

Step 7:

Figure out if you have the technical knowledge to set up your blog.

How to monetize free blogging platforms?

Monetizing a free blogging platform is a monetization strategy for blogs. It refers to the process of generating income by placing ads on your site. Advertisers pay you based on the number and type of clicks they receive from visitors who see their ads. To monetize free blogging platforms you should:

Step 1:

Have good content.

Step 2:

Optimize for keywords.

Step 3:

Use ads or affiliate links.

Step 4:

Sell your own products online using a blog as a marketing platform.

Step 5:

Sell your own products online using a blog as a marketing platform.

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