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2021 Rankings

Best Form Creators

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Have you ever wanted to collect feedback from your customers? Form Creator is an easy-to-use web form builder that lets you create, integrate and control forms in minutes. You can use it to gather customer information, send out surveys, or collect feedback from customers. Try one today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Form Creators

Do I need to learn how to code to create forms?

No, you don’t need coding experience in creating forms. You can start with pre-made downloadable templates in PDF form free-of-charge to generate forms. To access top-notch features, form creator software allows you to design your forms at your own will. However, advanced users can still use HTML codes to architect professional forms.

Can you limit the submitted entries to be received?

Yes, the number of responses can be limited. Some form creators offer the Response Limit feature for free for a limited number of limits. But most online form creators depend on the number of submitted entries to your chosen plan monthly. They can limit responses to as much as 1,000 responses a month.

Will the forms work on mobile phones?

Yes, the forms are responsive to mobile devices. This is because form creators construct the forms to be as responsive and functional on mobile phones and tablets as it would be on laptops. It is designed to adapt to any device your users choose to view the forms from.

Will the forms work without an internet connection?

Yes, some forms work offline. This allows your users to continue filling up data offline and hit submit once online. This makes your forms user-friendly: in any way possible, users can submit responses anytime.

Can I add images to the forms?

Yes, you can add images and videos to your forms. Level up the overall aesthetics of your forms by inserting files such as pictures and icons. You can also add your business logos to give it a personal touch while still making it look professional.

Can I remove the form creator branding or logo?

Yes, you can create your forms with zero brandings. For additional charges, there’s nothing more to distract your users from seeing your brand image. You can turn form creators’ branding off to give your forms a more exclusive feel.

How can I launch my forms? 

You can launch your forms in many ways. As soon as you’ve enabled it to be published publicly, share links will be able. You can copy the URL or HTML link and send them through emails. You can embed them in your websites through JavaScript codes. You can use various plugin platforms and many more.

How many forms can I create?

Depending on your chosen form creator, you can create forms as many as you like. With downloadable form creator templates, you can create an unlimited number of forms following a consistent layout. If you want more customized forms, you can opt for online form creators’ unlimited number of forms feature for an extra fee.

Can I sell on my forms?

Yes, you can sell things on your forms. This is the purpose of order form creators. Items are listed on the forms for users to choose from. Submitted entries represent total orders for each customer pre-computed by the Calculation feature of form creators. The whole ordering process is made easy and both for both business owners and customers.

Can I create fillable PDF forms?

Yes, you can create fillable PDF forms in minutes. You can add fields that would allow your users to edit and fill. You can later send your forms through email or embed them on your websites. Also, you can add fields that would allow users to attach their signatures in electronic form.

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