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Best Feedback Software

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Expand your customer reach by getting to know them even better. Feedback software lets you discover customer patterns, so you can make predictions about customer behavior and create better relationships with them in the future. Try one today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Feedback Software

Do feedback software programs work for all types of businesses?

Yes. Feedback software programs are incredibly beneficial for all businesses since it collects reviews from customers, clients, and employees. The collated data can be used to better your product or service and to market your service.

Does using a feedback management system take up a lot of my time each week?

Showing up on feedback software management meetings are still important for realignment purposes, but feedback software programs are fully automated. They can find problematic reviews and gather the data surrounding it. You can even spend 15 to 30 minutes every week just to check up on reviews, but further analyzing results and creating solutions take more time.

Do feedback software programs work in all kinds of operating systems?

This largely depends on the feedback software that you are using. Make sure to check the software’s compatibility with computer operating systems before buying it.

How are software feedback software programs different from “feedback” in software engineering?

Feedback software programs specialize in reviews from customers and employees. This is commonly used by businesses to better their services. Feedback in software engineering means that software developers receive feedback on their coding, its execution, and user-friendliness.

How often should I send a feedback survey?

Experts recommend sending surveys at regular intervals like quarterly, bi-yearly, or annually. It is also advisable to send customer feedback surveys after the consumer has used your service or product for an extended period.

Can I create multiple feedback surveys?

Yes, you can make multiple surveys in your account.

What response rate can I expect?

If you use surveys that are easy to answer like NPS or CES surveys, you can expect to have a 15% response rate – especially if using a 1-5 point Likert scale.

Can I customize customer feedback survey questions?

This depends on the software tool that you are using. NPS surveys follow industry standards, while the Customer Satisfaction Survey can be perpetually altered depending on your objective.

Can I send reminders to people who don’t respond to customer service feedback forms?

Through feedback software programs, it’s possible to connect your email and send the reminders from there. Although it is not advisable to send reminders twice. Once is enough.

Do feedback software programs support other languages?

Most software programs have multiple language settings, but you should also make sure to check the feedback software program’s language features. Besides, some features might not work fully well in other languages such as transcriptions or sentiments analysis. This is because coding to collect adjectives or sentiments are based on the English language.

Can I send feedback survey emails from my own email domain?

Yes, if you have connected your email domain, your survey emails will be sent from that specific email address.

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