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If you're interested in finding an all-in-one solution to your family history diagraming needs, Lucidchart is a great option. This intuitive family tree maker allows you to create a project as unique as you are! In addition, Lucidchart is a multi-device-compatible software that makes the entire process simple.

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Is the Lucidchart Family Tree Maker easy to use?

Using Lucidchart is straightforward, and the program is incredibly user-friendly. The tools and features provided by the company make for easy data integration, photo uploading, and editing.

Whether you're looking to include only a few relatives or a lot, you can add new tabs quickly. You can also rearrange the links and branches in simple steps to connect the dots between relationships. Colors are completely customizable, as well— you can find all the gadgets for advanced editing right on the user dashboard.

If you have difficulty maneuvering the program, plenty of resources are available in Lucidchart's online support tab. You'll have access to video tutorials, extensive articles, and community questions. You can also submit questions directly to support via email.

How can I make a family tree with Lucidchart?

While not explicitly designed to be a family tree maker, Lucidchart offers optimal solutions to achieve this. Please choose from one of their diagramming templates to get started!

Step 1: Set up an account on the website.

Step 2: Login and click the New button to choose a template. For a family tree, creating from a template is recommended.

Step 3: Enter your family history in the new document and click on the box you'd like to fill in. You can add photos in this step or revisit them later.

Using Lucidchart, you can easily control the entire template by rearranging items, adding shapes, inserting gifs, etc.

Sharing with family members and friends is simple, too. You can save your family tree in any file format and download it directly from the application. Then, use this to email and export your project with ease!

Can I make a family tree on Lucidchart for free?

When you use the free version of Lucidchart, you can create up to three documents a month. The plan comes with basic controls, editing tools, and 100 templates.

You can opt to upgrade to one of the paid subscriptions and access unlimited documents and templates. 

Can I import my family data automatically with Lucidchart?

Lucidchart offers the option to import data directly into your project. But the document must be in a diagram format and is only available for paid Individual, Team, and Enterprise accounts. You can import from MS Visio, Gliffy,, or OmniGraffle if you have a premade file.

Does the Lucidchart Family Tree Maker have any templates?

Lucidchart offers a wide variety of templates— from diagrams to graphs and more; you'll find one that works for you. Click on Templates from the main dashboard to access a variety of templates— from business strategy to education and product development to project planning.

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