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You’ve got a big paper due tomorrow and you don’t know how to write it? Writing a perfect essay is hard when you don’t have the time or skillset. That’s why Essay writing app exists – to help people get their essays done in no time at all! Find one that fits your needs today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Essay Writing

How do essay writing services work?

Essay writing services allow people to hire a professional writer from a team of experts. These experts can assist you in writing or write a custom essay suitable for your needs. All you have to do is submit your order, fill the writer with details, and wait for your paper.

How do I place an order on essay writing websites?

The ordering process is simple. Look through the different writing services available on their website and find the most suitable for you and your needs. After, fill up the order form, place all the necessary details needed, and pay your order up-front.

What level of writers do these writing service providers employ?

Essay writing service providers usually employ only skilled and adequately qualified writers. For high-school and some college-level papers, writers who hold a bachelor’s degree are assigned to those tasks. Complex essays, such as corporate-level ones, are typically made by writers who have a master’s or a Ph.D. degree.

Are there examples of written essays by the team to check first before availing?

Yes, there are available samples that you could access and read through on their website to know their writing style and form is. This is important for you to know since you want to be sure that you’re receiving top-notch writing services.

Is it legal to avail of essay writing services?

Absolutely! These teams of professional writers are considered “ghostwriters,” writers who are paid to produce written content without having to receive any type of credit for their work. Therefore, these types of services are, indeed, legal. 

What are the different types of an essay?

Essays are short samples of writing, and it comes in many kinds, and examples of such include the following.

Descriptive essays refer to the type of writing that describes something—may it be a person, place, event, etc.

Narrative essay writing is similar in a way as it’s still describing something, but it’s told like a story. The only difference between descriptive essays and narrative essays is that narrative essays allow you to be more personal.

Persuasive essay writing influences your reader to be of the same opinion or point of view (POV) on a subject as yours. It requires you to be factual with your claim to appeal to your readers’ emotions and convince them of your POV effectively.

Compare and contrast essays are one of the most common pieces required to do in an academic environment. Writing compare and contrast essays asks you to inspect the similarities and differences between two non-identical subjects.

Process essays are similar to a step-by-step guide. It shows you how you can go through a particular method.

Argumentative essay writing gets your reader to consider your POV of a particular topic. This essay presents more factual reasoning and evidence to support your claim. Unlike a persuasive essay, this lacks your reader’s emotional appeal.

What do you mean by the different levels of essays?

Essays vary in types (narrative, descriptive, persuasive, etc.) and levels. Different levels of essays are listed below:

High school-level essays have ready-made structures that you are obliged to do. These essays are usually given to students as part of their academic activities.

University of college-level essays is more complex than high school essays as this requires more research and analysis of the given material. Critical thinking is also needed for this kind of paper. Also, there are three particular kinds of services for college essay writing—an admission essay, scholarship essay, or a course field essay (essays specifically for law, medical, education, etc.).

Corporate-level essays are for people who are mainly affiliated in the business world (e.g., a company hires a writer that will make articles to put on their company’s website).

How are essays priced?

Essays are priced based on how many pages you plan for your writer to do. It also depends on the level or type of paper you are requesting. Lastly, your custom essay’s pricing is also based on how many days you are allotting the writer to finish the given task.

How long will the finished product (essay) be ready?

This depends on you and your task’s deadline. Most essay writing services provide up to 2 weeks (14+ days) to 12 hours of writing time to finish what you requested. There are only a few essay writing websites that offer their service for less than 12 hours.

Is it possible to check any drafts that were made before its deadline?

Of course! Since availing the best essay writing service out there, they would certainly have a 24/7 customer support line. You can use this feature to contact your writer if you would like to request your essay’s drafts.

How will the delivery process be?

There are different options available for you to choose from. The first option is receiving your order by hardcopy (paper) that is sent through the mail. The other option is receiving your purchase by softcopy (digital document format) sent through your email.

What do I do when I can’t contact my hired writer?

In cases where your writer is hard to reach, you could always contact the essay writing service provider’s 24/7 customer and support line. These customer support lines can be contacted by phone, email, or chat (if there is a live chat feature).

What should I do if my chosen writer missed my deadline?

When availing for the top-quality essay writing service out there, meeting deadlines should be your chosen writer’s top priority. If there are any instances that you have encountered this particular issue, contact the website’s customer and support line, and you may ask for a refund.

How will I choose my writer?

You can look for the best writer on your own by sifting through their sample works on their website and examining their writing style and approach. Search for the writer you think has the best form and tone for you. Also, you could read through the testimonials or reviews from their essay writing service.

You can also let the team choose for you. This option is also available if you want the best writer in the service provider’s team to write your essay.

What if the essay that my writer did was not up to my standards?

Contact your hired writer for any concerns regarding the quality or content of the paper. Requests for revisions are always considered and given to customers and sometimes may not incur you any additional charges.

However, if you will send a request for revision of their custom-made essay, please do attach a clear set of directions and comments so that the writer knows what they will edit. In cases of detecting plagiarized content on your paper, do notify the writer and the company so the issue will be quickly resolved.

How would I know if what I received is original and plagiarism-free?

Utilize plagiarism checkers from your writing service provider’s website or other checkers on the internet. Besides, when you choose from the top essay writing services, you can ensure that the writers are professional, and they guarantee you 100% accurate, factual, original, and plagiarism-free papers. 

I can’t think of a topic for my essay. Will the service provider help me with this?

If you can’t think of any topics for your essays, fret not. Some service providers offer a topic suggestion tool, which you can use to look for your essay’s subject.

Also, you can communicate with your writer while your work is in progress. With that, your writer can provide you with suggestions regarding the topic of your essay.  

Can I ask for proofreading and editing services only?

That depends on the service provider you’ve chosen. Some service providers offer proofreading and editing services only, which is handy for students who are on a tight budget. Through this, you can simply submit your work to your writer and have them polish your essay before you submit it. 

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