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What makes Sophos different?

Sophos file encryption software allows you to manage native device encryption on Windows BitLocker and macOS FileVault from a single location. There is no need to deploy a server or configure back-end key servers with Sophos Central's web-based management. In minutes, you can deploy and begin protecting data.

What is Sophos?

Sophos encryption software is the industry's most advanced way to encrypt files, folders, emails, and other sensitive information. It protects against all forms of attack, including malware, ransomware, and zero-day exploits. The solution also provides a secure audit log that can be used both for regulatory compliance and as a business intelligence tool.

What is the Sophos Central Self Service?

The hard drive encryption software also comes with features that allows users to retrieve their own full disk encryption recovery keys via Sophos Central Self Service. This allows customers to return to work more quickly without having to call the help desk, saving both time and IT resources.

Can I share files securely using Sophos?

Yes. Users may build a password-protected file safely enclosed within an HTML 5 wrapper with only a few clicks. Only a receiver with the right password may open encrypted files; all they need is a web browser and a valid password to view the contents. Users can also encrypt email attachments before sharing them with internal or external colleagues using an Outlook add-in.

Can Sophos be used to comply with company encryption policies?

Yes. Companies are frequently required to check which machines in their business are encrypted as part of compliance obligations. In the event that a laptop is lost or stolen, they must produce confirmation that the equipment is encrypted. It's simple to check encryption status and demonstrate compliance using Central data encryption software.

Does Sophos save the device recovery keys?

Yes. When a user forgets their PIN/Password or locks themselves out, the drive encryption software saves device recovery keys. A device creates a new recovery key as part of the encryption process and sends it to Sophos Central over SSL. A virtual key manager is used to store the recovery key safely.

What is Sophos Managed Threat Response?

Sophos Managed Threat Response is a fully managed solution that delivers 24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response capabilities supplied by a professional team. Users are supported by an exceptional team of threat hunters and response professionals that take targeted measures on your behalf to neutralize even the most complex attacks with Sophos MTR.

How does Deep Learning improve Sophos’s threat detection?

Without depending on signatures, Sophos utilizes deep learning, an advanced kind of machine learning, to identify both known and undiscovered malware. Sophos is smarter, more scalable, and more effective against never-before-seen threats thanks to deep learning. It uses deep learning to beat standard machine learning or signature-based detection alone in endpoint security.

Can Sophos protect against ransomware attacks?

Stop ransomware assaults from wreaking havoc on your business. Anti-ransomware technology in Intercept X finds and shuts down rogue encryption processes before they can propagate throughout your network. Both file-based and master boot record malware is prevented.

Does Sophos protect me from data theft?

Yes. SafeGuard Encryption can intelligently prevent your data from being stolen. It encrypts your files automatically, and they remain encrypted even when shared or uploaded to a cloud-based file-sharing system. Synchronized Encryption constantly verifies the integrity of the user, application, and device. SafeGuard makes your data useless if it ever falls into the wrong hands; the files are encrypted and unreadable.

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