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Sookasa lets you use Dropbox and Google Drive as a secure storage system. It invisibly encrypts files put in the folder you designate, while retaining the storing, syncing, and sharing capabilities of these services. You can easily share your encrypted files with others or grant them access to the folder. Files will be decrypted on their devices automatically when needed - there's nothing they need to do to make it work.

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What makes Sookasa different?

What makes Sookasa the best file encryption software is that it offers a feature that lets a user invite their colleagues and manage their accounts. Users may then add or delete individuals from your team, access audit trails for everyone, and ban missing devices, among other things.

What is Sookasa?

Sookasa is the best encryption software in the cloud. To secure the files you put in the Sookasa folder, our program invisibly encrypts them. The storing, syncing, and sharing capabilities of Dropbox and Google Drive are preserved, but they are enhanced with additional protection.

What do users need to use Sookasa?

Users will require a Dropbox or Google Drive account, as well as the Dropbox or Google Drive application installed on any device they want to work with encrypted files on. To operate with their encrypted files effectively, they'll also need to install Sookasa’s file encryption software.

How does Sookasa secure the user’s files?

Sookasa’s encryption software will create a Sookasa folder within the user's Dropbox folder once the user downloads the program. Using proprietary encryption technology, everything the user puts within the folder will be secured and safeguarded. Anything inside the Sookasa folder will have the security provided by Sookasa.

The files look normal. Are they actually encrypted?

Sookasa's data encryption software makes working with your encrypted files as simple as possible. If you log out of Sookasa and take another peek, though, you’ll notice your files all have something new: Sookasa extensions. This verifies that files are encrypted and safe, and instructs your computer to contact Sookasa to decrypt them when you need to get work done.

Can users use Dropbox and Google Drive shared folders with Sookasa?

Yes! Dropbox and Google Drive also allows users to share folders in the same manner. The users can also share sub-folders inside Sookasa, however everyone who has access to a Sookasa shared sub-folder must have a Sookasa account in order to decrypt the folder's sensitive contents.

How can users know that Sookasa is safe?

For all data and keys, Sookasa’s data encryption software employs strong bank-level 256-bit AES encryption. A third party has audited and tested Sookasa’s encryption software to ensure the highest levels of security and to verify our compliance with HIPAA and FERPA laws.

Does Sookasa offer free encryption software?

While many encryption services offer a free plan for their software Sookasa didn’t take this path in delivering their software. Instead Sookasa offers a free trial of their encryption service for 30 days and when customers are satisfied with the free trial they can opt to continue the service into a paid service.

What can a user do when they forget their password?

You can simply reset your password by heading to the Sookasa Dashboard and choosing "Reset password." Sookasa will send a password reset link with instructions to the email address connected with your Sookasa account once you input it. Please check your spam or trash folder if you can't locate the email.

Can users encrypt their android phones?

Users may choose the full-disk encryption for Android, which encrypts your phone so that your data is secured at rest even while the phone is locked. Unless you use alternative ways to encrypt files sent and received from your phone, they will not be encrypted.

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