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DiskCryptor is a powerful, fast, easy-to-use encryption software designed to protect your files from unauthorized access. It encrypts all data on an entire computer, including the operating system, programs, and user's documents. All encrypted information is accessed with one master password that only you know!

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What is diskcryptor?

DiskCryptor is a program to encrypt or decrypt data on a hard disk drive that others cannot access or see by third parties. It replaces the standard operating system and user-space software. It has drivers and a runtime environment that acts as an IPC (inter-process communication) server for external clients and process management.

What makes diskcryptor different?

The most notable difference between diskcryptor and other desktop encryption applications is that it encrypts the entire partition, including hidden and unallocated space. It also has modules for steganography and wipes free disk space to facilitate a secure erasing of sensitive data. Diskcryptor supports on-the-fly, real-time encryption or decryption of whole drives during operation through its driver technology. Thus, it allows layered operation by using hard drive emulation software without interrupting users' day-to-day activities who use their computers for several purposes.

Can you use diskcryptor to encrypt the disk of an operating system?

No, Diskcryptor can't be used to encrypt the disk where you installed the operating system. It can cause significant incompatibility issues when booting.

Does diskcryptor work with RAID volumes?

Yes, diskcryptor is compatible with RAID volumes. You can encrypt an entire array of drives at once, often necessary when using a server.

How does the "Pause" function work in diskcryptor?

Pause is a diskcryptor feature that allows users to stop an encryption process and resume it later. It's intended for use in cases when the program or laptop has frozen during encryption.

How safe is it to use diskcryptor?

It creates an encrypted virtual disk that operates on an actual physical drive or partition. The encryption key is similar for all partitions of that type. If you use diskcryptor with a physical drive, then your files are secure, whether it's on your laptop or desktop machine. If the data gets stolen from either machine, they remain safe and inaccessible with diskcryptor. It tries to protect you from several program attacks and guarantee your safety.

How does diskcryptor encrypt a USB drive?

It encrypts data separately for each process accessing the disk. DiskCryptor will encrypt a USB drive by making it unreadable to computers without entering the proper key-codes. You can only decrypt by using passwords or personal keys created upon the initial installation of DiskCryptor.

Can you access the encrypted disk in diskcryptor if bad sectors appear?

You can work with that disk as if it was a regular non-encrypted one, except for the volume header. If the header got lost, so will all your data on that disk. Therefore, you must keep a copy of the volume header in a safe place by backing it up from programs.

Is it safe to resize encrypted partitions?

When the partition is mounted, you can resize it with native windows facilities like diskmgmt.msc or diskpart.exe. However, compatibility with 3rd party tools has not been tested, so it is best to refrain from it.

How does the "Wipe Mode" function in diskcryptor work?

Wipe mode prevents the possibility of recovering data by examining residual magnetic energy through specialist equipment. It allows the software to read each sector's data, wipe the sector, and return the encrypted data. Any previously stored data, including deleted files, will still be there when the encrypted volume is later mounted.

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