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AxCrypt is the best file encryption software with simple to use security features. It's perfect for users that prioritize the security of their files, documents, and data in both the private and public realms. AxCrypt encrypts files using the U.S. Government approved AES-256 standard, which is also used by banks worldwide to protect their customer's financial information. A single AxCrypt license allows you to securely share encrypted files with co-workers, friends, or family members on a LAN or over the Internet.






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High-Security Synchronization

Drag-and-Drop Support

Automatic File Updating

Individual Encryption

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Laptop/PC Protection

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Password Management

Permanent File Deletion

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is AxCrypt?

AxCrypt is a powerful encryption software with simple to use security features. It's perfect for users that prioritize the security of their files, documents, and data in both the private and public realms. AxCrypt's tools and capabilities will help businesses with strict confidentiality procedures and regulations.

What makes AxCrypt different?

AxCrypt is the best encryption software because of its ease of use, superior security, password management that is impenetrable, and good value for money. Users do not require in-depth technical understanding of encryption to utilize AxCrypt. AxCrypt employs cutting-edge security techniques. It has a 256-bit encryption system.

Why do users need to secure files with strong encryption?

For two things which are privacy and confidentiality. AxCrypt’s file encryption software provides users with strong encryption for their files and datas. As private individuals, users now keep a great deal of information on computers that is neither hidden nor private. Encryption tools like AxCrypt offer a safe and simple way to provide privacy and secrecy in these circumstances.

What are the main differences between AxCrypt's standalone and installation versions?

When opposed to the lightweight, standalone version, the installer version has a few more capabilities (for example, context menu integration). There is no need to install the standalone version since it is immediately executable. In this version, you won't be able to use AxCrypt's right-click context in Explorer, nor will you be able to double-click files to open them.

What can users do when they forget their password?

The fundamental rule is that if a user forgets or loses their password or key-file, they will lose all of their data. AxCrypt’s data encryption software does not have a backdoor. The only method to get a lost password back is to attempt every possible combination. AxCrypt can build and modify a unique software that will automatically attempt a variety of possibilities.

Why are the user’s file names in green text and/or users receive 'Access Denied'?

Getting a notice that says "Access Denied" usually means one of two things. When files are transferred to a new system or Windows is (re)installed on an existing machine, both of these issues arise. If the file names appear in green text in Windows Explorer, you've accidentally encrypted them with EFS. This may indicate that your data has been lost.

The secured files of users are damaged. What can users do?

If your encrypted file is corrupt, you will get a notice stating that the HMAC is wrong or anything along those lines. AxCrypt includes several capabilities for recovering files that have been damaged, however it has significant restrictions. You must also exercise caution, designating the original (damaged) file as read-only and then creating a duplicate of it — always working on the copy!

What to do if File Encryption for .NET and Mono has stopped working?

The most likely cause is a program called "Lavasoft Web Companion," which will close AxCrypt and notify you if a solution is available. Lava Web Companion changes the way the network is accessed, causing AxCrypt and other programs to crash. The best solution is for users to check if they have the software and uninstall it.

Why does AxCrypt only ask for a password when logging in?

While users are logged in to AxCrypt, AxCrypt will not prompt them for their password again. This feature makes using AxCrypt a lot easier and saves you the bother of having to re-enter the password every time. AxCrypt makes use of password caches so that users don't need to enter their passwords every time they login.

Does AxCrypt have keys and passwords of users on their servers?

Yes, but your password is encrypted, which we do not keep. Your protected data will stay safe as long as your password is both strong and secret. Even if our server is hacked, the sensitive data that is permanently kept there is encrypted with your password, which we do not keep.

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