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Best Email Newsletter Templates

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Are you looking for a way to make your email newsletters more engaging? Email newsletter templates are the perfect solution. They’re designed by web designers and allow you to create beautiful, professional-looking emails in minutes without any design skills. Get started today and learn more about email newsletter templates now!

Frequently Asked Questions on Email Newsletter Templates

Is it safe to download a free email newsletter template?

Yes, it is safe to download a free email newsletter template. You don’t need to sign up using your email address. You can download the file in just one click and use it as soon as it’s downloaded. To be extra safe, download email newsletter templates for free from reliable websites or email service providers. 

How can I be sure that the email newsletter template looks good on mobile or desktop?

Most email newsletter templates adapt to whatever medium they are viewed, so you don’t have to worry about how it would look on every device. However, if you still want to make sure it looks good on mobile or desktop, you can run a test campaign and send it to a burner account and check if it is compatible with the email client and device.

Do I need an email service provider to get email newsletter templates?

While email service providers make it easier for you to instantly send the email newsletter as soon as you finish putting in content and adding necessary elements, you don’t need one to get newsletter templates. Several marketing websites offer free email newsletters to download that are ESP-friendly.

How to send email newsletter templates?

You can send your email newsletter templates with the help of your email service provider or by yourself. The advantage of getting an email service provider is it automatically sends your newsletter to everyone on your mailing list. Sending emails is time-consuming, so it’s best to use an ESP to send automated emails.

What is the ideal email newsletter template size?

The standard email newsletter template has a width of 600 pixels and unlimited height. Most email service providers set their templates in this size. However, the 600-pixel size isn’t mandatory anymore. Thanks to better screen resolution, wider emails look good on any device and email client. 

How long should an email newsletter be?

One-page email newsletter templates are enough for daily email newsletters. Weekly email newsletter templates are usually two to three pages long, just enough to cover everything the audience needs to know. Make sure the content is scannable and concise so that readers can keep reading until the last word.

Can I send an email newsletter without a mailing list?

A mailing list is a list of all of your subscribers’ email addresses and names. Although you can send an email newsletter without a mailing list, it’s highly recommended that you make one ensure that your email campaign runs smoothly. Your email service provider can help you create and segment your mailing lists.

What should I put in a newsletter?

An effective email newsletter provides valuable and insightful information to the readers. Avoid sounding too “pitchy” or “sales-y” in your content since it puts readers off. Include a call-to-action in your newsletter to get immediate results. You can add your social channels, so the readers will know where to contact you.

What is dynamic content?

Dynamic content is a block of content that will only appear for some recipients to improve content relevance. This block of content will be added once the email is ‘dynamically’ sent. Dynamic content can be applied on content depending on the life cycle stage of the subscriber or the existing subscriber’s preferences.

How often should I send a newsletter?

It’s essential to send your emails not too frequently that you appear spammy nor too seldom that your customers will forget about you. Most email marketers send out weekly email newsletters to keep the readers engaged and updated. Also, be consistent in sending your email newsletters.

When should I send my email newsletter?

The best time to send your newsletter is when your recipients are checking their email. The recommended time to send emails is around 8 AM to 4 PM. The ideal time may vary, depending on the purpose of your campaign.

However, this can be challenging if your recipients live in different parts of the world. The recommended approach is to test different times to see when most of your readers can read your newsletters. 

How can I measure the success of my newsletter?

The success of an email newsletter can be measured in delivery, clickthrough, and open rates. Your email service provider or any email marketing software you use provides these metrics to help you improve your content and email marketing strategy. Knowing how your newsletters are performing is vital for your business.

The delivery rate is the percentage of emails that didn’t bounce to the number of emails sent. Remember, not all your newsletters are received by the email service providers of your customers. A newsletter can be returned if your recipient’s inbox is already full or they used an invalid email address.

The clickthrough rate, on the other hand, is the ratio of people who clicked the links in your email to the emails delivered. The clickthrough rate indicates whether the newsletter is compelling and relevant to encourage the recipient to take action. The clickthrough rate can help your business improve your newsletter content.

The open rate measures the percentage of the number of recipients who opened your newsletter to the number of emails delivered. Improving your open rate is important to get a better clickthrough rate, so it’s important to create a compelling subject line and use a personal email address.

How can I ensure my newsletter does not get in the spam folder?

Several factors can put your newsletters in the spam folder of your recipient. A misleading subject line and irrelevant content can drive your recipient to put your newsletter in the spam folder. Using a double opt-in and appealing newsletter template can also help you avoid ending up in the spam folder.

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