Best Email Encryption Software in June 2022

Email encryption platforms are an indispensable tool in today’s digital world, where email has become the primary method of communication between people and businesses. Available as cloud-based solutions or as downloadable plug-ins, email encryption software packages prevent third parties from intercepting and reading emails without consent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is email encryption software?

Email encryption software is a tool used to protect the privacy of email communications. The software works by transforming readable email into a code or an unreadable format, which can only be read by the intended recipient who has the key to decrypt or unscramble the code. The encryption process ensures that email contents are not accessible to anyone else, including the email service provider itself.

Why do you need email encryption software?

Protect Confidential Information

Email encryption software protects confidential information from being accessed by unauthorized individuals. Email encryption is an important security measure for businesses that send or receive sensitive data via email.

Avoid Identity Theft

If you're like most people, you probably store a lot of personal information in your email account. With email encryption software, you can keep your information safe from hackers and identity thieves.

Prevent Business Risks

Email encryption prevents hackers from gaining access to sensitive information such as customer data or company secrets. The software also protects your company from legal risks during a data breach. Email encryption can help prove that you took steps to protect your customers’ information, so you can avoid costly fines and lawsuits.

Block Email Spoofing

Email spoofing is a technique used by attackers to inject illegitimate emails into an organization’s email communication. These emails appear to be from a trusted sender and can cause a lot of confusion within the organization. The software prevents email spoofing by encrypting all emails sent between employees within an organization.

What are the core features of email encryption software?

Policy-based and Identity-based Encryption

Email encryption tools are of two types: policy-based and identity-based. Policy-based encryption software is the older, more common type. It works by setting up rules about who can send encrypted emails to whom. Identity-based encryption software is newer and uses public/private key cryptography to identify the sender and recipient of each email. The best email encryption tools offer both types, allowing you to choose the encryption type you need.

File Security

File security is a feature of email encryption software that allows you to protect sensitive files by attaching them to an encrypted email message. The files are encrypted along with the email, and can only be accessed by the intended recipient.

Integration with Existing Email Infrastructure

You can use email encryption software to conceal all of your email traffic, or just specific emails that contain sensitive information. Email encryption software can be integrated with your existing email infrastructure, so you can continue to use your existing email addresses and email client.

Internal and External User Support

Businesses often use email encryption software to protect email communications from being intercepted by third-party individuals. Most email encryption software packages have the ability to encrypt email communications for both internal and external users, which means that email communications are encrypted regardless of whether the sender and recipient are inside or outside of the company.

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