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Frequently Asked Questions on eCommerce Software

What is eCommerce?

E-commerce is an electronic exchange of products or services. It is a procedure that manages to sell products or services and purchases products or services through any electronic medium. It is an abbreviation for “electronic commerce”, which is the practice of allowing end-users to purchase entitlements over the internet on a self-service basis. 

Do I really need to have an eCommerce software first before starting an online store?

Yes and even if you are just starting, you can find small business eCommerce software that can help you create your online retail store. Without an eCommerce software, your website may lose its credibility and may look unprofessional. 

How am I going to be charged when I subscribe to a software provider? 

This depends on your chosen software type. Online eCommerce software allows you to pay monthly subscription fees. Offline eCommerce software usually has a one-time payment scheme.

How will eCommerce software impact my online store?

An eCommerce software will allow your business to have better management and record-keeping of each transaction. Your online store gets to function better by having features like back-end tracking, sales monitoring, catalog management, easier inventory of stocks, adding with lists, discounts or coupons, upselling user ratings, and so on. You could automate the entire purchase process, helping the business save time and lower expenses. It will enable the business to reach a wide range of customers across the globe; therefore, your business will have a chance to increase its productivity which will lead to a greater return of investment. 

Do I have to pay right away?

Not necessarily, most eCommerce software providers let you try their services first by signing up for a free trial for a certain period then after that, you would have to decide whether to proceed further and which plan to avail.

Would there be additional charges after I purchased an eCommerce software from a provider?

The most important part of choosing the right eCommerce software is understanding the pricing structure of the provider. You might be charged a monthly fee or, depending on the platform, they may charge a transaction fee for each individual purchase completion on your website. 

Is it better if I choose a complex eCommerce software than a simple one?

When choosing eCommerce software, make sure to choose something that you will be able to understand because there are eCommerce software that require advanced troubleshooting skills. If this is your first time, you’ll need to make sure to choose a software that is easy to use. 

How would I know if the software is good before I purchase it?

Test it first. As you look for eCommerce software for your store, you should sign up for a free trial of each platform you’re considering. Take each software through the paces. Try adding new products, variables, categories, and discounts. Test the editing tools and check out your reports page. Request help from the support staff if you have questions and record their response time. 

How can I assure my customers that it is safe to put their personal details like credit card information on my website?

Check the available security feature. In order to collect your customer’s information, you’ll need to make sure your website is secured. You would need to have a secure sockets layer certificate, it is usually included with the subscription that you will avail along with the eCommerce software. It basically protects your online shop from hackers and eavesdroppers and will assure all customers that their information, particularly their credit card details, personal information, and log-in credentials are safe and secured. 

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you may, depending on your agreement with the provider; however, usually, it is a monthly recurring payment; therefore, you may cancel your subscription anytime you want. 

What are the different payment methods that I can put on my online store?

It would be very beneficial on the part of the customers if they have a variety of payment options available like cash on delivery (COD), online banking and bank transfer, and other payment centers and so on. Digital wallets are one of the fastest and easiest ways to pay for online transactions. 

Can I decide to use the domain of my choice?

Yes, you may think of an original domain name. Your customers will be able to find you easier if yours is a unique and impacting one. 

Is it possible for me to sell on multiple online marketplaces?

Yes, it is possible. If later on, you decide to sell on multiple online marketplaces for business growth, you may do that with the help of a multi-channel eCommerce software. With this, you will be able to integrate quickly and easily with shopping carts, shipping carriers, and stay organized through various business processes like inventory, shipping, transactions, and more. Selling on multiple online markets will help you expand your customer base and increase your profit margins. 

Am I only allowed to sell one brand in my online store?

No. If you wish to have an ability to create and manage multiple brands and multiple sites to serve more unique audiences and channels, you may opt-in to have a multi-site eCommerce software. With this, you will be able to enhance your interaction with your current customers and you can also expand into international markets as your online store will be available in different languages and currencies. 

Why is B2B e-commerce software important? 

With the advancements in digital technologies and especially the internet, more and more businesses are transferring their services and products into the online field. Therefore, the company that is hesitant to invest in digital expansion is going to be behind any competition. Only with the internet, it has become possible to attract a broader range of customers and to sell products way beyond the business hours of one’s company. 

Does the type of eCommerce software really matter? Or can I choose any of the two?

Yes, and it is important to choose the right type of eCommerce software because each type has advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right type of software should be aligned with how you would like your website to work and the features that it consists of. Always consider the main goals of your online store because your goals will influence the type of eCommerce software that you will choose. 

What is an open-source eCommerce software? Is it important?

An open-source is a type of licensing agreement that allows you to freely modify and make some integrations on a website, for example. It refers to software whose original source code is made freely available and can be modified or enhanced by anyone. It is important because if you choose to have an open-source eCommerce software you have the ability to customize your own site, be secured, and you don’t have to pay for a licensing fee.  

Is it essential to put a customer review section on the online store?

Yes, customers want to share their feedback as well right after their purchase, whether it is possible or not, all feedback must be visible together with the product details because this is one of the things that customers will consider before adding the product in their shopping carts. 

I’ve seen a lot of free e-commerce software online, is it okay if I use those instead?

It is possible to find free eCommerce software online wherein all you have to do is to sign up as a seller then you may start selling afterward. However, you must identify first if getting it for free is beneficial to your business or may lead to possible issues in the future. Therefore, before settling in getting a free one, it is best to know first its advantages and disadvantages.

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