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Do you want to copy your DVDs? DVD cloner is the best software for copying DVDs. It can copy all of your favorite movies and TV shows in a matter of minutes, so you can watch them anywhere! Sign up for a free trial now!

Frequently Asked Questions on DVD Cloners

What source directory do I choose on DVD cloner?

Once you have copied your files and made the destination for them, you can store them on a CD or send them as a share with other users. When it comes to choosing where to store the files, you will need to choose the source directory. The source directory in DVD cloner is the folder that contains all of your DVDs.

How to get rid of pop-ups when starting a DVD cloner?

Your firewall may be blocking the DVD cloner from opening up. To allow DVD cloner, go to your firewall settings that you have installed on your computer, and add an exception for the DVD Cloner program.

How to burn two disks in a row?

To burn two disks in a row, first, return to the "DISC-BURNER OPTIONS" window and change the second disk's output format. Then click "Start Copying.” When you have finished burning the disk, the DVD cloner will automatically start copying to the next blank disk.

How can I upgrade the DVD cloner?

Before upgrading, make sure that the DVD cloner is fully charged before you take the final step to upgrade the software. If you don't and it's not charged, then your upgraded DVD cloner may stop functioning. You must also install the latest version of the DVD cloner. After that, you can come to our website and download the newest version with your registration key.

What do the numbers mean in DVD cloner?

The numbers in DVD cloner are used to represent the level of quality you want for your DVDs. By default, the DVD cloner sets the number to "0." 0 represents a low-quality video, while 9 is the highest.

What happens if you don’t have a code for DVD Cloner?

If you don't have a code for DVD Cloner, the only choice you have is to buy it. You should buy a DVD Cloner if you want to make a backup of your DVDs. The backup will be in the same format as the original, which means that it will play on any device.

How do I keep DVD cloner from automatically starting when a DVD is inserted?

If you want to keep DVD Cloner from automatically starting when you insert a DVD:1. Right-click the icon on your computer's desktop and select "Properties."2. Click on the "Compatibility" tab.3. Check the box that says "Disable desktop composition."

How to divide a DVD cloner?

Dividing DVD Cloner makes your software have more space, to divide a DVD cloner: 1. Click "File" and then select "Dividing."2. Choose the DVD that you want to divide 3. Click on the "Start dividing" button.

How to force subscripts with a DVD cloner?

Enforcing subscripts in a DVD Cloner makes the layout duplicate of the structure of the document. It implements a single typeface, size, and weight for headings, paragraphs and bullets in a document; so that the reader's eye is drawn to what is most important on each page. To force subscripts in DVD cloner:1. Insert a blank DVD into the burned DVD tray and click the "Copy" button on the right side of the window.2. Select the DVD Type as "DVD+R DL" and click the "Copy" button again to select quality.3. Check "Include Subtitles" and choose an appropriate language from the drop-down menu, then click "Copy.”

How do I enter the DVD cloner registration key?

A DVD cloner registration key is a program that you can purchase to create copies of DVDs. To enter the registration key: 1. Go to the bottom of the DVD Cloner application and click "Enter registration key."2. Enter your DVD cloner registration key that you were emailed when you purchased this software. 3. Click "Register" to finalize your registration.

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