Best Duplicate Photo Finders in June 2022

A duplicate photo finder can help you find all duplicate photos, remove them quickly, and free up hard drive space. It supports most image formats and is compatible with most devices!

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Easy Duplicate Finder

Get rid of your duplicate photos and reclaim valuable storage space today!

Delete duplicate photos easily with Duplicate Photo Finder! It's fast and accurate, and it supports all popular image formats. So don't wait any longer, get rid of those duplicate photos now with Duplicate Photo Finder!



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Easy Duplicate Finder

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Duplicate Photos Fixer

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505 reviews



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Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

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Duplicate File Finder 4 PC

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3 reviews


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56 reviews


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Picture Echo

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10 reviews

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Overmacs Team

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187 reviews


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60 reviews


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36 reviews



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Quick Photo Finder

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a duplicate photo finder?

A duplicate photo finder is a tool that helps you find duplicate photos. These tools scan your computer for all the images it can find and help you manage your photo collection by locating and removing duplicate pictures.

Why do you need a duplicate photo finder?

Duplicate photos are a common problem that can happen in any collection of photos. You may not even know you have a problem with duplicates until you go looking for them. They also call for a lot of time and creativity to get rid of them. You might need a duplicate photo finder if you're looking for an easy and quick way to get rid of them.

What are the factors you should consider in choosing the best duplicate photo finder?

You need to consider your budget. Some products offer basic features, while others provide more premium services. The basic features would be ideal for you if you only need to find duplicates of one photo; however, when finding duplicates in your entire collection or when you have to find duplicates on a regular basis, a product with more robust features would be more ideal.

What are the types of duplicate photo finders?

Basic Duplicate Image Search

The most basic type has the duplicate image finder find duplicates manually. You choose an image from your computer, and it will automatically find similar images in your library. You can then compare them manually and delete those that are true duplicates. This is a time-consuming process and is not suitable for large collections.

Smart Duplicate Scanners

These search for near-duplicates, which are close to each other but not completely identical. It scans photos and videos to find duplicates with an intelligent algorithm designed to look for images that are almost identical to the photo that you chose. You can then manually compare the images and delete those that are duplicates of the chosen photo. 

Bulk Duplicate Photo Finders

These Duplicate Photo Finders offer an easy and effective way to find and delete identical images across your computer. This software scans your computer for images that are duplicates of other photos and presents them in the application window. 

What are the limitations of duplicate photo finders?

Duplicate photo finders work by scanning all the photos in your photo library and automatically flagging duplicates for you to pick out manually. However, there are some limitations these tools cannot overcome easily. 

One limitation is that this tool only scans for duplicates, meaning that it can't detect other photos which do not have an identical file name or photo metadata. 

Another limitation is that it does not perform well when there are duplicate files with different sizes. Files with wildly different sizes often are not tagged as similar, which means a higher chance of missing out on duplicates.

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