Best Duplicate File Finders in June 2022

Taking time just to find one file on your computer? A duplicate file finder will help you locate and remove duplicate files among the volumes of data. It's easy to use, and the task will be done in minutes. Try one today!

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169 reviews


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Duplicate Cleaner

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Duplicate File Finder Plus

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Duplicate Sweeper

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30 days



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60 days



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Duplicate Files Fixer

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Cloud Duplicate Finder

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a duplicate file finder?

A duplicate file finder is a cleaner for drives, which automatically searches for duplicate files and deletes the unnecessary ones to help create more storage room. Some find it handy as it saves them time since they have many files copying from one folder to another or deleting with the Shift button on their keyboard.

Why do you need a duplicate file finder?

You need a duplicate file finder to help organize your files through the finding and deleting of duplicates. Duplicates crowd the storage space, which leads to lags in the device. The average user has plenty of duplicate files, and duplicate file finders help locate and eliminate these. Duplicate file finders scans for excess files making for a faster running device.

What are the core features of a duplicate file finder?
Duplicate Photo Finder

Duplicate photo finder uses innovative technology to search devices for duplicate photos, removing any excess copies it finds. One click of the mouse immediately deletes these duplicates. These processes are securely and privately done by accessing your system through an encrypted connection, eliminating access from unauthorized sources.

Selection Assistant

Selection assistant provides a fast and efficient way to find duplicate files to speed up and organize your system. A selection tool incorporates two functions: "add" and "remove." The advantage of using the duplicate file finder is that you can select a group of files or folders, then delete them all at once with a single click.

Backup and Restore

Backup lets you put all the changes at a specific point in time, so when restoring, you can revert to that point or make new changes without fears of deleting something valuable. It also helps keep your data safe and secure because if anything happens, you'll still have everything there for restoration.

Money-Back Guarantee

One of the duplicate file finders' features is the money-back guarantee. Money-back guarantee benefits are pretty simple - it's a financial route that lets you shop without fear of losing your money. Should you experience any problems with the products, you will be refunded their money as a cost of doing business.

Instant Activation

Instant activation means prompt installation. With instant activation, you receive an email message containing your registration code and download instructions after placing your order online. After retrieving the email message, you can follow the instructions to download and install the software anytime without waiting for complicated copy delivery of CDs.

What are the types of duplicate file finders?
File Extension Matching

File extension matching is a process where two extension files are compared by looking at the last three letters of the extension to see if they match. To give an example, a text document with "tt." The matching file extensions for this type of data would be .txt, .docx., .htm, or any other thing that's synonymous with text.

Folder Matching

Folder matching is a feature that searches for folders and attempts to match them with any other duplicates within the same folder. For example, if you have an MP3s/Taylor Swift - 1989 album in one place and an MP3s/Taylor Swift - 1989 album in another, as long as there is an mp3s Taylor Swift album name, it will show up as matched under "Matches" below both albums.

Hash Matching

Hash matching is a way to identify files with identical content by computing a hash of the file. The file may be given as an argument, or the program reads from standard input. The hash that identifies the input data is computed from all bytes in the input data as it is sensible. In most cases, this means each eight-byte record and translated into a 32-bit value.

Who needs the best duplicate file finders?
Computer Owners

Many people use home computers for personal use with all their pictures in one folder and all their music or audio files in another folder. When those folders are duplicates, it is complicated to find anything on those two hard drives. Free duplicate file finder programs can search simultaneously and make an exact copy of any duplicate files to highlight the differences.

Office Workers

Duplicate files can cost companies hours every day. They clog the system, taking up space and eating away at valuable resources. Too many files can cause a choppy workflow. Office workers can truly benefit from freeware duplicate file finders that are not only affordable but help clean up their virtual workspaces.

What are the steps in choosing the best duplicate file finders for free?
Step 1:

Look for the best free duplicate file finder and choose one based on specs, reviews, and preferences.

Step 2:

Check for viruses.

Step 3:

Try it out by searching for large files (e.g., Videos) and run a test using several different categories (e.g., TV Shows -> Movies).

Step 4:

Choose the one that functions the best.

Can I enable or disable any option in the scan results?

No. You can't do anything about the scan result choices while in the scanning process, but you can undo them by showing the dialog window from the Tools menu and then pressing Cancel. From this point forward, it should not show up again. If you want to change scanning settings, do that before starting a fresh scan.

Where can I find a duplicate file finder - free download full version?

There are plenty of free download versions of full duplicate finders. Several of them work quite well with any device or operating system; before downloading, always read duplicate file finder reviews and check for its features to avoid any hassles and complications. Check if the version is a free trial or a full version, like free trials only last thirty days.

Does the duplicate file finder software work for windows?

Duplicate file finder is compatible with all versions of Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP. The software is designed to work on any system and help recover large amounts of storage space that additional items could waste due to duplicate files. You won't need administrator rights or expensive programs for this.

Where can I download the best duplicate file finder and remover?

Plenty of platforms offer duplicate file finders and removers but downloading the best depends on the individual. The best duplicate file finder and remover should have all the features you are looking for to make using it easy. If you are on a budget, decide wisely before going for paid duplicate file finders or settling for free duplicate file finders that are open-source.

Does free duplicate file finder also support scanning network folders?

Yes, it supports scanning network folders. Duplicate file finder scans partitions on your drive but also the whole network location by default, so you don't have to download a separate application for that. Just open the Preferences and tick Scan Network Folders, just like local files, to enable this feature if desired.

How to make sure that the items selected are deleted?

To ensure that the duplicated files are deleted, you must rerun the duplicate file finder software. After running the program, results will be displayed again on duplicate files, and it will tell you if there are still duplicates left. Another way to ensure that there are no duplicates is by searching the suspected duplicate files in the folders.

What to do if the deleted duplicate files still appear in the scan results?

It's possible that the duplicate file has not been completely deleted and may show up in scan results as a "shadow." In such cases, you can try deleting again before scanning. If it still doesn't work, evaluate if it is necessary to keep this file or clean up disk space. A bootable CD is also helpful for disaster recovery.

Can the files that are deleted mistakenly be restored?

Unless you are an expert in computer software, it is nearly impossible to recover deleted files. Recovering deleted files would require either professional help or installing another software. Fortunately, several good programs are out there that help find lost or accidentally deleted files on the latest operating systems.

What are some fast duplicate file finders?

Some people may see results faster with one software, while others could see better results. A factor that may affect the speed of the software is the hardware of the computer you are currently using. Using the fastest duplicate file finder software that will only run on updated hardware will not run to its full potential.

How long does it take for the duplicate file finder freeware to find duplicates?

Typically, it can take anywhere from a matter of minutes to hours. The time varies depending on the number and size of files found by the finder. However, other factors such as the age of the computer or hardware may also delay the time to scan duplicate files. A more powerful machine will likely be able to finish sooner than a slower, older one.

How does one set up a duplicate file finder pro?

You must first install the software and activate any time-limited trial period to set up a duplicate file. Scan your PC to detect any remaining duplicates. Once this is done, you can delete all those old duplicates and free up space on the drive for other purposes. Pop-up windows notify you if more bad files are detected in the future so that you can delete them as well.

What is a duplicate file finder remover?

Duplicate file finder removers get the job done. This software not only finds duplicate files but also removes and finds them from your computer. Having these duplicate files removed not only helps in decluttering but aids in speeding up your computer, too. The best part of this duplicate file finder type is its drag-drop and user-friendly interface.

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