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Last updated on November, 18

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are dropshipping sites?

Dropshipping sites provide a list of different products and wholesales where you can choose from. The best sites for dropshipping offer research tools that allow you to easily connect with a certain supplier or manufacturer you are looking for.

Do dropshipping sites usually manage product delivery?

Dropshipping websites use a retail method to link you with a third-party. Basically, you do not need to manage the product delivery since your supplier or manufacturer will handle that. All you need to do is to sell a product and buy it using a dropshipping model.

Are there free dropshipping sites?

Yes, there are free dropshipping sites that do not require any membership fees. However, you will not be able to have full access to it. With this, you are only provided with the basic and main features they offer. 

Are free dropshipping sites legal in the UK?

Yes, whether it is free or not, dropshipping sites are legal in the UK. However, it would be best if you also made sure that the dropshipping site has the permission to operate, and it should comply with the consumer laws and selling regulations. 

Can I access dropshipping sites anywhere in the world?

No, some dropshipping sites cannot be accessed in all countries. Since other dropshipping sites have a niche, they only focus on their target market. Their services are limited to a chosen group of consumers.

What are the best dropshipping sites for pets?

Before you commit to the best dropshipping site for pets, you need to consider some factors. This includes features and prices.


It is important to know the kind of service they can provide you. However, different dropshipping sites have a different niche, so you need to determine the products you need before looking for certain features.


Make sure their pricing is reasonable and cost-effective. You can also try purchasing some of their discounted packages to save up your money. Plus, the best dropshipping sites for pets offer a free trial and return package. 

Can I run any businesses?

Yes, dropshipping sites can entirely run any businesses or programs. You only need to stay connected with suppliers and consumers to make your online business successful.

How long is the shipping process?

The shipping process varies according to your location and where the product will ship from. However, most of the time, it would take 1-45 business days. 

Do suppliers communicate directly to my customers?

No, since you and your supplier are required to follow the dropshipping model to make the transaction smooth. As an online seller, you are the one who will communicate directly to your consumers, and your supplier will serve as the third party.

Is niche important?

If you are planning to make your own dropshipping site, it is important to find your niche. A lot of shippers failed to manage their business because they offered the services that other shippers do. For you to come up with the right niche, you need to be unique. 

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