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2021 Rankings

Best Dropshipping Sites

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Achieve a wider network for your business by visiting dropshipping sites. Give yourself the advantage to sell, create links to suppliers, and connect your sites via plugins. Get one of the dropshipping sites today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Dropshipping Sites

How does dropshipping work?

Dropshipping is a business model where you can sell goods to your customer without keeping any inventory. It starts by looking for products to sell and partnering with a supplier that gives you wholesale price. Then you put up an online selling platform or an ecommerce website where you upload your chosen products.

Next is your customer purchases an item from your store at a retail price. You then forward the order to your supplier. Once your supplier receives the order, they ship the item directly to the customer under your business name while you earn the profit margin.

To make this process easier, there are dropshipping sites where you can choose different products, find suppliers, and connect your store to these platforms for easy management. Getting their services will save you time, energy, and money. 

What do dropshipping websites do?

Dropshipping sites are online platforms that allow you to find products to sell, connect with suppliers, and sync your ecommerce website through their plugins. They integrate the dropshipping process into one single account, which saves you time and let you focus more on growing your business.

Dropshipping sites come with the features and tools: searching and choosing products, customization that matches your preference, automation, marketing, and management of inventory and reports. Through their infrastructure that unifies business applications and the data that feeds them, it is possible to create relevant, engaging, and personalized online experiences.

You can automatically start your dropshipping business because they have done all the hard work for you. All you need to do is click on the products you want to sell and start making profits.

How do I start dropshipping? 

Choose a niche.

It is essential to select a niche that you are passionate about. Choosing a niche you like will help you thrive because you are genuinely interested in what you sell. You know how to market your products, and you are less likely to give up on dropshipping. It is as if you want the world to taste your favorite ice cream. Or you want people to experience the solution that you first-hand encountered.

You also need to factor in the profitability of your products. Select products that will give you a high yield giving you at least a 40% profit margin after all the costs.

Choose products that have low shipping costs since this will affect your pricing and profit. Some suppliers shoulder the price, but some manufacturers don’t.

Make sure your products are attractive, and there is sufficient demand. Dropshipping sites can help you find the right product through their research labs and recommend items that are hot in the market. 

Research about your market.

Know your playing field. Identify if the targeted niche has room for more players like you or it is saturated already. Gather information related to your target customers like preferences, trends that are viable to them, and their purchasing patterns. Recognize the competition in your chosen niche and know what your competitors are doing. Compare pricing and marketing strategies. 

Find reliable suppliers.

Suppliers can make or break your dropshipping business. You need to thoroughly look for those who can deliver your expectations and your customers’ demands.

Since you don’t have the power over the product, you hope to partner with a supplier you can count on. Things you need to include in your considerations include the supplier’s legitimacy, their experiences in dropshipping, customer services, order fees, shipping time, quality products and photos, and referrals upon request.

The thing is most suppliers are located overseas, so effective and efficient ways of communication should be available. You need to understand one another to achieve seamless transactions.

Dropshipping sites can help you connect with reliable suppliers without going through checking and verifying them one by one. Some platforms can automate your customer’s order directly to your supplier’s system, so no need to call now and then to make the order. You can also link their inventory to yours and even have full automation of the purchase flow. 

Select the right ecommerce platform.

After you have decided on what niche to enter and found the suppliers, another big decision to make is the selling platform. You can opt to sell on an established platform or create your independent online store.

Established platforms offer you easy setup, vast numbers of traffic, consumer trust on these platforms, and you can make significant money through them. But these come with fees, limited control, direct competition with sellers on the same platforms, and customers have many options to choose from.

On the other hand, when you create your online store, you have control over branding, design, layout, and more. There are no fees for every transaction, and you can have a higher profit margin. But building your website can cost money to set-up and design your store. You also need to work hard to get more traffic, and you need to invest time and money to grow your site.

Weigh the pros and cons of doing business on each platform and go for what’s best for you. 

Market and Manage your store.

Now that you have a platform for selling, you can start putting your products and sell. You need to also work on attracting customers to visit your site and make a purchase. There are customer acquisition strategies that you can make.

You can do it organically, or you can opt for paid advertisements on social media and other platforms that can reach more people. You can tailor your marketing efforts to specific demographics and achieve great exposure. When you pay, it gives you faster results. But you can also grow your market through free strategies like content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing. They may be slow to give you a positive outcome, but they work.

On the management site, continue to update your store. Maintain your relationship with your suppliers and give your customer delightful services. Stay on top of the current trends so that you can cope up with demands and competition. 

What are the pros of dropshipping?

Dropshipping is gaining popularity across the world and is a lucrative way of starting a business. It can offer great potential when done right. To manage your expectations when you want to enter into this industry, here are the advantages of dropshipping:

You can start with low capital.

Starting a business is overwhelming for many, especially when this requires huge startup capital. Some need to save up or take a loan to begin the enterprise.

With dropshipping, you can start with minimal money, and some take the path without shelling out any bucks. There are dropshipping sites that allow you to order with no minimum amount, use their service for free, and help you in the process. You can kick off dropshipping with your entrepreneurial spirit and a little investment to make it happen. 

You don’t need to keep an inventory.

This feature is the very core of dropshipping - you are selling without the need to manage physical inventory. Your supplier produces the product, handles them, and ships your ordered item to your customer.

You don’t need a physical store or warehouse.

There’s no need to worry about a lease, mortgage, construction, property insurance, or upkeep of a physical store or warehouse. You also don’t need to hire a person to man your store or manage your warehouse. Thieves, fire, hurricanes, and other perils will not be your concern too. Dropshipping takes them out of the business picture.

You can test products with less risk.

Dropshipping allows you to test new products without carrying an inventory. You only pay for products that sell. With this, you will know what you can focus on without incurring so much cost of buying in bulk. 

What are the cons of dropshipping?

Here are the disadvantages of dropshipping:

 You have many competitors.

Since the barrier is low to enter into dropshipping, it can lead to heavy competition. When you use established ecommerce platforms, you’ll see that many have similar products. You need to work hard or price your products low for customers to choose you.

You have less control over products and order fulfillment.

You rely on your supplier for your products. You can’t ensure that they are handled well before it is delivered to your customer. Without control, you take the risk of putting your reputation to your supplier’s hand. If they blow up, you shoulder the customer complaints or lose them to your competitors. Also, when you are selling a popular product, the moment your supplier runs out, it affects you too.

Your profit is less.

You get a higher profit when you buy in bulk. But since you do retail, your benefit is less. Another constraint is that you are limited to increase your price in consideration of the competition, shipping costs, and other dropshipping fees. If you want to earn a lot of money using dropshipping, then you’ll have to sell more products than you otherwise would have if you owned and warehoused them yourself.

Are dropshipping sites free? 

Some dropshipping sites allow you to use their platforms for free. Others provide free trial periods, and some are free but get commissions when you make a sale. You can check for free dropshipping sites, either in the UK or in other parts of the world. Some websites offer lifetime membership for an affordable one-time payment. When you see what works for you, you can get the paid services to upscale your business. 

Where do I find dropshipping sites for sale?

If you don’t want to start from scratch for your dropshipping business, some platforms consolidate lists of dropshipping sites for sale. These marketplaces cater to people who are looking for a fully functioning business or those who want to start directly in doing business.

Available sites can run from coffee dropshipping websites to best dropshipping sites for sneakers. If you get lucky, you might be purchasing a site that will be part of the top 10 dropshipping sites later on. 

Do you have to register dropshipping sites as a business?

You need to invest and register your business once you start making sales. This gives you the legitimacy to operate and support the economy of your place. Business licenses vary from country to country. You can reach out to a local government representative, or similar local authority, for more information. Since you are operating at home, you might need to check your laws that cover dropshipping. 

Are there dropshipping clothing sites that let you print on the sleeves?

Yes, some sites allow you to customize print of the clothes you order. Specific sites give you options to put marking on clothes, mugs, and other items you wish to design.

You can get print-on-demand services, wherein you can work with a supplier to customize white-label products, like baseball hats or tote bags, with your designs to sell them on a per-order basis under your brand. You don’t need to pay for the product until after you’ve sold it. Plus, print-on-demand services handle everything after the sale, from printing to shipping.

Can the wholesale dropshipping companies ship internationally?

There are some drop shipping companies only ship domestically, while some of the dropshipping wholesalers can ship internationally. They may come with an additional fee, and the time of delivery will be longer. You also need to consider your country's customs when importing products. 

Are dropshipping sites worth it?

Dropshipping sites serve many advantages for entrepreneurs like you. These online platforms simplify dropshipping for you by providing access to products, suppliers, and services. They help you with systems and tools to manage your business and even support you to grow. It also comes with cons like the fee you need to pay to avail premium services. Dropshipping sites are worth a try. Some provide free trials to experience their service before first. Read reviews. Then decide for yourself if investing in these online solutions are worth it. 

Are dropshipping sites compatible with established ecommerce websites?

Many dropshipping sites are ready to sync with big online selling platforms. They can automate your products, pricing, and other options on dropshipping. Some sites are made specifically for one platform, and there are few which are limited to certain ecommerce websites. 

Can I use product pictures from my supplier?

You can use your supplier’s picture when you post on your websites. Some sites provide quality photos because they know the importance of visuals in marketing. Some dropshipping sites have built-in image editors so that you can customize the picture and match it on your brand. You can also ask for your supplier’s permission to be on the safe side.

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