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MediBang Paint is a digital painting and comic-making software that lets you draw and create your own comics, illustrations, manga, and other artworks. It features a variety of tools such as brushes, text fonts, premade backgrounds, etc. that will help you create professional-looking works in just minutes. All files created with MediBang Paint can be saved online or to your desktop for easy access on any device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes MediBang Paint different?

Medibang Paint is unique compared to other drawing apps in a way that it is very easy to navigate and the UI is beginner-friendly. If the user is using a drawing app for the very first time they can try Medibang Paint as it is tailored for first-timers for its ease of use functionality. The downside to this is that Medibang lacks the extended features most drawing apps have.

What is MediBang Paint?

MediBang Paint is a free digital painting and comic-making software that includes brushes, typefaces, premade backgrounds, and other resources. MediBang Paint runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS devices. Users may simply move their work across platforms thanks to the app's cloud-based storage.

Do customers have to pay for the service on each device separately if they wish to access the app's functionality on several devices?

Because MediBang premium is linked to your MediBang account, you don't need to sign up for it separately for each device. By logging in with the account you used to subscribe to the plan, you can enjoy the service on any device. The creative packs, filter packs, and ad-hiding. Add-ons for Android, iPad, iPhone need payment.

When your MediBang paint cloud storage is filled, what happens?

When the cloud storage hits its maximum capacity, you won't be able to store new work files, transfer your team, or access your data. If this occurs, we suggest upgrading to MediBang premium to get access to more storage space. After a set length of time, files that exceed the storage limit will be erased.

What does it mean to link my MediBang and MediBang premium accounts?

It is possible to link or synchronize your MediBang account with your MediBang Premium subscription. You may utilize the unique features of MediBang Premium on all of your electronic devices by entering into your synced MediBang account. Once the user purchased a premium service they can use it on any device they want.

Is there a method to increase the brush size beyond the maximum?

Each platform has a maximum size, and users can't go bigger than that. Users will have to make do with the maximum size of each platform and do a workaround if they want to have a larger brush stroke size. 1000px is the maximum for the PC version, 500px for iPhone and iPad, and 300px for the android version of the app.

Does MediBang paint have a manager for past revisions on a file?

There is a version management system where you can keep track of your stored data and files. You may recall an infinite number of stored changes if you have MediBang Premium. You will be able to access limitless copies of your work from the last three generations if you have paid for "MediBang Premium." To use this feature, you will need to create a MediBang account.

What will happen to my artwork if I don't save it? After I log in to MediBang Paint, can I access the picture from another device, such as my laptop?

Images stored on a user's device are not linked to data on any other devices except that one. This implies that if you remove a picture from your device or reinstall/update MediBang Paint without first uploading it to the Cloud, the image will be lost. Images saved to the Cloud, on the other hand, will be available from a variety of devices since the Cloud is not a component of your device.

Can users recover files when the app crashed?

Unfortunately, if the auto-recovery function does not back up your file, MediBang Paint will be unable to restore the artwork. The user could configure the recovery feature to a shorter time period and save more often, according to Medibang Paint. Shorter intervals between auto-recovery means more work is saved and backed up.

What are the file formats supported by MediBang Paint?

MediBang Paint supports a wide range of file formats to meet the needs of its customers. File formats are the following: .mdp (FireAlpaca and/or MediBang Paint data format) .psd (Photoshop Format), .png, .jpg and .bmp (This format is supported by Windows).

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