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Krita is a free drawing apps for digital painters. It's designed for comics and illustrations, but also works great with concept art, matte paintings, texture painting and more. Krita is made with artists in mind, to help you create beautiful images.

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What is Krita?

Krita drawing apps is a cross-platform free and open-source program that provides an end-to-end solution for generating digital art files from scratch. Krita is designed for frequent, extended, and concentrated use. Illustrations, concept art, matte painting, textures, comics, and animations are all explicitly supported disciplines of painting.

What makes Krita different?

Krita, which was created in collaboration with users, is a program that meets their current demands and workflow. It has an OpenGL-accelerated canvas, support for color management, a sophisticated brush engine, group-based layer management, vector artwork support, and switchable customization profiles.

Is it feasible to use Krita in a language other than English?

Krita should utilize the system language by default. If that is not the case. Using Settings Change the Application Language. A tiny window will display when you select a menu item. Select your language by clicking Primary language. Restart Krita, it will be shown in the language you have chosen!

Why do Krita's settings automatically reset?

In Krita the probable causes are settings haven’t been saved properly or if you press the power button instead of a regular process to close or restart your computer on Windows, Krita's configuration file may become damaged. To resolve this, just close your machine using the proper method: Start Restart or Start Shutdown.

What Graphics Cards does Krita support?

OpenGL may be used by Krita to speed up apps for drawing and canvas zooming, rotation, and panning. The best results are achieved by Nvidia and newer Intel GPUs. As a minimum, ensure that your OpenGL drivers support OpenGL 3.2. AMD/ATI GPUs are notoriously difficult to use, especially with Linux's proprietary drivers.

Is it possible to use Krita commercially?

Yes. What you do with Krita is your exclusive property. You own your work and have complete control over how it is licensed. Krita's source code is covered by the GPL license. Krita may be used professionally by artists for any purpose, studios for concept art, textures, game artists for commercial games, and scientists for research.

Can Krita load Photoshop Brushes?

Yes, however, Krita has certain restrictions. Users may import ABR files into the brush editor by clicking the Import button on the Predefined brush tab. Because Adobe has not released the file format specification, we must rely on reverse engineering to determine what to load, which is now restricted.

How much memory does an image take in Krita?

It's straightforward to compute for basic images in Krita: multiply width * height * channels * channel size (thus, for a 10001000 16-bit integer RGBA image: 1000 1000 4 2). This is multiplied by the number of layers plus two. It becomes more difficult when you add masks, filter layers, or clone layers.

Is it possible to use Krita with 8-bit (indexed) images?

No. Krita professional drawing apps were built from the ground up to use actual colors rather than indexed palettes. Although Krita can export to several indexed color picture formats, such as GIF, there are no plans to support indexed-color images. It does not, however, provide fine-grained control over pixel values.

Why aren’t Krita pc drawing apps available for free on Steam and the Windows Store?

Krita on Steam and in the Windows Store is still free and open-source software; the binaries are identical to those available on We've charged a fee to download Krita from either shop in order to fund Krita's development. The money from Steam and Windows now covers four developers' full-time work with Krita.

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