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Best Drawing Apps

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Unleash your creativity and design stunning digital artwork with the best drawing tools. Save more time and level up your drawing process as you take advantage of fun, modern, and handy drawing apps. Download the app today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Drawing Apps

What are the available payment methods?

For purchasing a one-time payment or a subscription plan, drawing app companies accept payments from your active debit or credit cards. Some apps may also accept payments from various e-wallet systems. By specifying your payment method information, the transaction proceeds to credit your card or e-wallet automatically for the purchase amount.

Do purchasable or subscription drawing apps come with updates?

The privilege of having a purchased or subscription drawing app is your access to application updates to the latest version, and this requires no payment. Updates are crucial in maintaining better app performance, address issues and bugs, and occasional feature additions.

What systems do drawing apps support?

Numerous PC drawing apps have Windows and macOS compatibility, with 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. For mobile devices, both Android and iOS support drawing apps. Preferably, it’s advisable that your devices have the right specs, so your apps can run smoothly and avoid system crashes.

What devices can run drawing apps?

You can use drawing apps on your personal computer or mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Just make sure the 32-bit and 64-bit apps you’ll download are compatible with your device. Note that 32-bit software can run on a 64-bit system, but 64-bit software cannot run on a 32-bit operating system.

Do I own the content I make with the app?

Absolutely. Be it a purchased, subscription, or free app, you have full ownership of your artworks and designs. You are also entitled to reproduce and sell your creations from your drawing apps. Copyright protects your work in terms of originality, so your permission is required for anyone who wants to use or reproduce your outputs.

How to enable perspective grids for my perspective drawings?

To use perspective grids in drawing apps, look for the Settings menu and tap Enable Grids or Turn On Grids. You can also have the option to select Two Point Perspective or Graph Grids with this tool.

Are there any tattoo drawing apps specific for making tattoo sketches anddesigns?

Sketching your tattoo designs is possible in common drawing apps. There are also apps specific for tattoos where you can upload your designs on the app. It uses augmented reality technology where you project the camera, and the tattoo design will appear to the surface you projected your camera to. This is used by tattoo artists to see how the tattoo looks on the clients before inking it.

Are there any tutorials I can watch?

Drawing app developers give access to their websites with a page specially provided with educational how-to tutorials and hacks to help you maximize the application. They may also upload comprehensive instructional videos on their Youtube channels, so it’s easier to search for what you’re looking for.

How do I backup my artworks?

Data corruption usually happens unexpectedly, so it’s better that you always create backup actions. To protect your files for iOS, you can sync them into your iCloud. You can also download third-party apps with strong security and privacy features

What's the biggest canvas I can make?

The canvas limit depends on the hardware you’re using. So for example, if you’re using a 10.5” to 12.9” tablet, you can make custom canvas dimensions of up to 16,384 x 4,096 px or 8,192 x 8,192 px.

What are the available image formats in drawing apps?

Image formats availability may vary depending on the type of drawing app or software you have. However, the most common ones are JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, PSD, PDF, etc.

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