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Best Document Management Systems

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Streamline your business documents by reducing paper and using eco-friendly alternatives such as a document management system. With an app or software, you can now receive, track, manage, and store your documents in secure and centralized storage. Try one today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Document Management Systems

Is it easy to migrate files to a document management software?

Yes, going paper-free might be an overwhelming thought. But once you transition your documents into software, it will be easy and hassle-free. Know the perfect type of document management software beforehand to match the requirements with your workflow.

Do you offer integrations?

There are plenty of document management systems that can be integrated with popular productivity tools and solutions. It makes it easier to work on your projects and manage your files all in one ecosystem. It saves you more time to get things done and increases efficiency so you can focus on other business matters as well.

Do you have training modules?

The great thing about document management software solutions is that they offer enough support for their customers. Check out training and knowledge centers on the website of your chosen DMS for more information. These platforms provide the best learning for individuals and teams who want to make the most of the tool.

What are the payment options available?

Generally, the most common payment options are through credit cards. Other software companies accept cash, check, or money transfers as payment methods. However, you can check with your chosen DMS to discuss what’s suitable for you.

What type of documents can be stored?

Typically, any scanned image or computer-generated file is storable in your DMS. However, some do offer advanced features that are beneficial if your business processes require upgraded systems. It makes business transactions more organized and thorough once it’s uploaded into your system.

Is customer support available?

Software companies that offer document management usually have multi-channel support that you can rely on. This makes it easier to get in touch with a representative through their live chat, email, or phone numbers. They can deliver efficient solutions to any of your business needs through their professional support teams.

How to choose the best subscription plan for me?

It’s important to determine your goal as a consumer of a DMS and your standpoint as a business owner as well. Subscription plans vary depending on your choice of DMS. It’s important to check the scope of your usage to ensure that it will serve you with the best functionality and automate business processes conveniently.

Do I need a license to activate my DMS?

Some software companies will require you to purchase a license to activate the system in your organization. The purpose of a license is it can be installed on many devices—allowing many users to access the system. If you’re still undecided on what type of DMS to start with, you can check out free trial periods.

Does it come with Admin Controls?

Most software companies offer Admin Controls to guarantee that organizational policies and securities are met. This is very effective because you can limit access to users and grant role-based permissions. At the end of the day, you have total control over user information and permissions.

Is it secure to store my files on the cloud?

You can ask your DMS provider which web services they’re using to ensure that they offer reliable cloud infrastructure. It’s highly recommended, though—to create a backup of all data you stored in the cloud to stay secured and protected. This gives you more peace of mind without having to compromise.

Is there a limit when storing documents online?

There’s no limit to the files and documents you can add once you implement a document management system. It would all depend on your storage on the cloud or servers’ capacity. You can contact your chosen software provider for custom arrangements.

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