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What's an artist without the most effective tools right at his fingertips? Get the best-curated design resources online and turn your imaginations to reality in just a few clicks. Start designing with the best resources now! Try one today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Design Resources

Do I need to create an account on these websites before I get my design?

Not necessarily. But for you to track your purchases and access your downloaded files anytime, you should have an account. Also, when you browse as a guest, you can only download based on the given quota per day.

What is the difference between a copyrighted image and a royalty-free image?

Copyrighted images mean that you can’t claim the work as your own. Royalty-free means that you pay a one-time fee in exchange for the right to obtain artworks, such as photographs and graphic arts. So, don’t confuse these two licenses because they’re entirely different. 

What is a reverse image search? 

Reverse image search helps you to find the source of a photograph if there are any. This avoids plagiarised designs that might get you into legal disputes in the future. Plus, it helps the artist develop an original creation that your company will use across your platforms.

How do I conduct a reverse-image search?

Here’s how you can conduct a reverse-image search.Have an exact copy of the design you’re trying to reverse search.- It must be a flat image.-The background must be transparent or white.-The image must not be incorporated or overlaid with any other images.-Also, try to flip the image from left to right and upside down to cover more ground.When you followed all the guidelines clearly, you’re now ready to do your reverse image search.If there is a keyword box in the reverse search, add appropriate tags to guide the search tool for improved results.

The file I downloaded has a low resolution; how do I fix that?

The default resolution on some images could be lower than the standard, which is 300dpi. Note that you have to make sure you toggle the print size and for web options when downloading. Then, you can use any graphic software to adjust the image resolution to your liking. 

Why are there watermarks on the images?

The thumbnails on the website display are the only watermarked image. Watermarks are placed for the artist’s copyright protection. However, your high-resolution download shouldn’t have any watermarks since it’s royalty-free. Make sure that you selected the right licensing and resolution size before pressing the download button.

What are the client guidelines if I want to have a customized design?

Be ConciseBe sure to have a clear design idea in mind. Be detailed so that the artist can capture the essence of the design you’re going to submit. The more detailed information you give to the artist, the more accurate the design will look.Open Communication With the ArtistHelp your artist out by always guiding them and having detailed feedback. This helps the artist recalibrate the design you have in mind. Be ProfessionalTo build a good relationship with the artists, be courteous and polite when dealing with them. This helps both the artist and you as a client to make the project more work conducive.Keep Your Content WholesomeContents that are either abusive, offensive, or pornographic are not allowed. If someone was found to be doing so, you might be placed in a temporary ban or permanent account suspension. Respect Copyright and Be TruthfulCopying from another artist’s design might be subjected to copyright, so make sure you indicate if it is an original concept or a reference. 

Why is there a pay-per-image scheme?

If you have one specific image that you need, you can use this payment scheme. You pay for one image once, get its image license, and you’re free to use it wherever. This is ideal for people who only want to try design resources for specific projects.

What do lifetime deals mean?

Lifetime deals mean you can access your purchased product throughout the lifetime of that specific product. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have access to it throughout your lifetime—the vendor is the only guarantor of how long the life of their product is. Any design resource website won’t be able to provide lifetime access if the artist ends their contract.

Can I buy an expired deal?

Expired deals only mean that the artist ended their contract with the design resource website. If you downloaded the design, you’re still free to use it. But, if you haven’t, there will be no way that the resource site can issue a copy since the owner withdrew their deal.

What if I want to get notified of the next deals?

To avoid missing deals, you can subscribe to these websites’ emails to get notified about specific deals and discounts. Check your spam folder now and then and whitelist their emails to ensure that it will go to your primary inbox. 

How do I credit an artist?

Most design resources provide you free files if you credit the artist. This can be done by placing a link or a tagline in a visible position of the artwork. You can always buy a standard or expanded license if you don’t want to include credits in your project. Listed below are ways to credit your artist:- For websites, you can display the artist’s name with a link to the image or include a hyperlink.- For printed materials, you can add the artist’s name and image ID in a prominent position.- For videos, you can list the title of the image and the artist’s name on the video itself, or include it in the description box.- For applications, you can include the artist’s name in the intro, credit screen, or anywhere you offer downloads for your app.

How long is the window for a refund policy?

Fortunately, several companies offer a 30-day money-back policy. Beyond that, you won’t be able to issue your refund. Ensure that you cite the reasons why you weren’t satisfied with the product. Usually, it takes 3-4 business days to reflect a refund in your account. 

 Can I still use the downloaded assets after I cancel my membership?

Yes. You can still use the files after you cancel your membership. However, if you requested a refund or the files were downloaded during a trial, you won’t have the legal right to use them.

 What are instructional design resources?

Instructional materials include books, websites, blogs, and online courses. Instructional design resources are dedicated to these materials, and they can be pre-existing or newly made. They are designed differently from other design resources to be incorporated into the mentioned materials to make them more meaningful and appealing.

 What are UX design resources?

User experience (UX) design is a process wherein design teams create outputs that provide significant experiences to end-users experiences. Usually, this includes the branding and functionality of a website’s design. A UX design resource is similar to a design resource, but it focuses on the design that builds customer experience rather than just a website’s design. Another related resource is design thinking, where it combines a human’s perspective to possible technological and economic advancements.

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