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Infogram offers the best data visualization tools that are sure to make your infographics, reports, dashboards, and charts stand out from the rest. Helping out all kinds of businesses, Infogram empowers you to easily create beautiful interactive visualizations and data-driven content. With Infogram, You can make your presentation shine with impressive infographics. .

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Infogram different?

Infogram is perfect for marketers, media companies, and strategic businesses. With a wide collection of designer templates, create stunning infographics, charts, slides, dashboards, maps, and social media visuals in minutes. In addition to this, you can customize your presentations with animations and interactive content to dazzle your audience. With endless collaboration opportunities, Infogram allows company teams to create, edit, track, and assess data in real-time. Infogram also has powerful analytics that gives you up-to-date details on your content’s viewer demographics. On top of this, you can create custom tracking links and even publish your content online to share your content with a wider audience.

Can I use Infogram for commercial purposes?

Yes. Feel free to use the pro, business, or enterprise plans. These have higher usage limits and numerous features that give you limitless data visualization and infographics for your company. The free data visualization tools in the Basic plan are meant for non-commercial uses only, such as blogs, personal projects, presentations.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my subscription?

Unfortunately, Infogram doesn’t offer refunds to its customers for their paid plans. However, you are free to cancel a plan any time you please. Infogram recommends you try out the Basic plan first before committing to a paid plan so you won’t have to cancel it later on.

Why is my chart not showing?

There could be a few reasons why your chart isn’t appearing with the data. One reason is your data is input correctly. Any data you copy-paste or import needs to have similar formatting. Another reason is you aren’t using the proper separator type. Make sure to use the proper separator type suited for your data.

Can I import my own files for a project?

Yes. As Infogram has some of the best tools for data visualization, it allows you to upload your own PDF, PowerPoint, or Word file to add layers to your projects. Using the Infogram editor, you can edit these files once they’re uploaded. To do this, click on "Import File" found in your library, then simply drag and drop your file into the library.

What are the keyboard shortcuts?

As one of the data visualization tools easy to use, Infogram provides you with keyboard shortcuts for both Mac and Windows users. These keyboard shortcuts can help you work faster, boost productivity, and also help you to do more with your infographics. Have this keyboard shortcut cheat sheet next to you while working on Infogram.

Can my audience interact with each other on my project?

Yes, Infogram has numerous online data visualization tools where your audience can interact with your project. Go to your "Project Viewer Experience" tab in your settings and select the option to display interactivity hints on your slides. This will add interactivity hints so that your view will know that they can interact with your slide’s content.

Can I add animations?

Yes, you may. Infogram offers tons of unique data visualization tools online, including the ability to add animations to slides. Easily select the object you would like to animate and click on "Add Animation" on your settings panel. From there, you can choose what type of animation you’d like and the duration of it as well.

What does the absolute distribution setting do?

This data visualization tools comparison setting for charts compares all the data that you input in the column and sets the maximum amount of icons based on the largest value in your dataset. This setting will help you in comparing the amount of icons automatically instead of having to count them manually in each tab.

Can I remove the Infogram logo from the bottom of my project?

Yes. Infogram allows you to remove the Infogram brand logo if you don’t want to have it displayed on your project. On top of this, Infogram even allows you to add your own logo. If you want to upload your own logo, make sure it's a PNG image with a size of up to 80x50 pixels only.

Is making projects on Infogram safe?

Infogram takes the privacy and safety of its users very seriously. With a historical uptime of 99.8% mirrored services, Infogram’s system keeps all users’ data secure. On top of this, with the Pro or Business plans, you can opt to share your password-protected projects privately with others.

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