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Paybis is a cryptocurrency trading platform that has fast cryptocurrency payouts with no waiting time. You can enjoy trading your cryptos with the best commission available for all transactions with no hidden fees.

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What makes Paybis different?

Paybis, one of the best trading platforms for cryptocurrency, accepts global payments from over 180 countries. You won’t have any problem with verification with their fast data processing and 5-min ID verification. They have the world’s highest limit of up to $50,000 per month. Top cryptocurrency trading platforms like Paybis have a dedicated support team ready to help you 24/7. They are also compliant with EU and US regulations, so your transactions are secured. It has one of the lowest fees on the market, which is excellent for beginners and even pros. Start your first transaction and exchange bitcoins with no Paybis fee.

How long does it take to buy bitcoin?

One of the largest cryptocurrency platforms, Paybis lets you instantly buy bitcoin through credit or debit card. Any transaction should take less than 15 minutes to complete. With their verification time of 3-5 minutes, you can receive your bitcoin within 10 minutes.

Is there a limit on how much bitcoins I can buy?

No, there is no limit; you can spend bitcoins as much as you can afford. Trading platform for cryptocurrency like Paybis lets you buy bitcoins as much as you want. You can buy $70 to $20,000 worth of bitcoins per day, and even $50,000 per month. This is also available for other currencies like euros, pounds, etc.

Which countries are supported to sell bitcoins via credit or debit cards?

An online cryptocurrency trading platform, Paybis, supports payment via credit or debit card. But, you need to check the list of countries not eligible for card payouts to purchase their services. You can check this link for your guidance to give you an idea: .

What are the fees I need to pay to purchase bitcoins?

There are three types of fees to purchase a bitcoin. A credit or debit card fee is the payment service fee for processing your payment. Paybis fee is the fee taken for providing their services. Bitcoin network fee is the fee Paybis pays to deliver your bitcoin.

How long does it take to receive my funds?

As one of the best US cryptocurrency trading platforms, Paybis’ transaction process takes only a few minutes to complete. Your bank’s processing time will determine when your funds will be added to your account. This usually takes 1-5 business days to process.

Why do I need to verify my identity?

Paybis, one of the best cryptocurrency day trading platforms, needs you to verify your identity, especially when using a credit or debit card. They require customers to go through the know your customer (KYC) or ID identification process to confirm your identity. This will only take 3 minutes to complete on average.

How can I verify my account?

After you sign up for an account, you may need to submit some documents required during the verification process. You may choose from an international passport, driving license, identity card, or selfie with an identity document. You may also be required to submit address verification and some additional verification documents.

Is it possible to buy bitcoin with a Mastercard, Visa card, or Prepaid card?

Yes, you can purchase bitcoins through prepaid cards. You also need to make sure that your card has a Mastercard or Visa logo, and it must allow international payments. If you want to use your Mastercard or Visa card, it is available for over 180 countries.

Can I cancel my order if the payment has already been sent?

No, you can’t cancel your order if it’s already paid. New cryptocurrency trading platforms like Paybis don’t allow cancellation of orders once you’ve made a payment using the details in order description. If you’ve submitted the necessary information, your order is considered complete.

Can I exchange bitcoins anonymously?

No, you can’t exchange bitcoins anonymously. Even if bitcoin cash itself is an anonymous cryptocurrency, you can’t exchange them without having your identity verified. You need to undergo verification processes to comply with international anti-money laundering (AML) requirements.

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