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As the cryptocurrency trading industry blooms, more and more trading platforms for cryptocurrency are being established. Libertex offers a cryptocurrency trading platform with cryptocurrency trading tools that all traders can use. If you’re looking for a cryptocurrency broker platform backed with rich financial market experience, Libertex is a top choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Libertex different?

Libertex is considered one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms available on the internet as it has won over 30 prestigious awards worldwide. With more than 20 years of financial market and online-trading experience, Libertex has extended its expertise to the cryptocurrency industry. Customers are pleased with Libertex’s dedication to bringing quality cryptocurrency trading solutions. Libertex guarantees its customers high-speed, reliable, cutting edge technology platforms to choose from. The company continuously researches new features to provide customers with the best trading experience.

Is Libertex safe to use in trading cryptocurrency?

Libertex’s trading platform has firewall security and SSL encryption. It is one of the best and safest cryptocurrency day trading platforms on the internet as it has already established its credibility and authenticity in its 23 years in the financial and trading industry. There is little competition for Libertex’s established credibility.

Can I earn using Libertex’s demo account?

The answer to this is no. Note that the demo account is for those who are new to using the trading platform as they practice the navigation within the platform’s interface. Profit-making is only achieved once you start to trade using an actual account.

When can I start living trading on Libertex?

You need to be eligible to start a live trading account, which means you have to be at least 18 years old to do this. Registering wouldn’t be difficult if you are already eligible because you can do it on the web or mobile app. You also have the option to use your Facebook account for the registration.

Is Libertex licensed in the cryptocurrency trading industry?

Of course. The operation wouldn’t be made possible if Libertex didn’t have any license. Know that the Cyprus securities and exchange commission (CySec) has regulated and authorized the company. Therefore, CySec solidifies the credibility of Libertex.

Why does Libertex need copies of my personal information (ID, passport, and other documents)?

Libertex requests for such documents to ensure the safety and security of the funds. Libertex guarantees that the information they collect is kept confidential. There is no need for you to worry about your data because Libertex does its best to protect your information from getting stolen.

What’s the duration of the process?

When the documents are in, the operators will process them for several working hours. Based on the cryptocurrency platform trading reviews, verifying documents usually takes 2 days to be finished. Worry not because there will be a notification for all stages of the verification process; you will be notified through email.

What assets can I trade using the Libertex platform?

Aside from 41 different cryptocurrencies, Libertex gives you the power to trade with 49 currency pairs, 100 stocks, 5 metals, 18 indices, 6 agricultural assets, 5 oil and gas instruments, and 10 ETFs. You may freely buy and sell assets through mobile and web platforms.

How much capital is given in Libertex’s demo account?

When starting with a demo account, you will be given ÂŁ50,000 (about $67,000) demo funds to play around and practice trading. Users may practice with the demo account as much as they want without any time restrictions. You may use both mobile and web platforms in accessing the demo account.

Does Libertex support other platforms?

Yes. Even though Libertex built its own platform, they have integrated all their services with Metatrader as well. This means the traders can use platforms like Metatrader 4 to their liking and convenience.

Is Libertex the best cryptocurrency trading platform in the US?

While Libertex is yet to be available in the United States, it is regarded as one of the best trading platforms for cryptocurrency for anywhere else outside the US. Future updates may include account registrations for people in the United States.

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